Soundex Index for 1900 U.S. Federal Census of Maine

Back before census databases came online, we genealogists relied on bound AIS indexes and microfilmed Soundex indexes to find our families in the U.S. federal censuses. The 1900 Soundex index for Maine is now available at Internet Archive.


To use this index, find the Soundex code for a surname with the Soundex Converter, and then browse the relevant image collection to find the household you're interested in. Households are arranged by Soundex code, and then by forename of the head of household. Be creative when looking for a first name: this is the card for my great-great grandfather, Lemuel Dunham:



* — Indicates mixed codes continued on next roll.
** — Indicates same given name continued on next roll.

1. A000—A430

2. A435 Adelaide A.—A626

3. A636—B250

4. B252—B356

5. B360—B435 Lyman

6. B435 Mahala—B530

7. B531—B623 Cortland A.

8. B623 D. S.—B635 Myrtle J.

9. B635 Nakum—B653 Ivanho C.

10. B653 Jacob S.—C164

11. C165—C315/316* Freeman

12. C315/316* George—C432 Wm. W.

13. C432 Coolidge H. C.—C500 Synthie

14. C500 Thirza A.—C560 Dorotha

15. C560 E. M.—C625 Jesse L.

16. C625 John—C650 Morris

17. C650 Nancy J.—D120 Ozzie

18. D120 Parker B.—D260

19. D262 Alberta—D512/516* Herman J.

20. D512/516* Hester—D600

21. D610—E345

22. E350—E652

23. F000—F415

24. F420—F600 Myrtie M.

25. F600 Nancy—F655

26. F656—G340 Hugh

27. G340 James—G450

28. G451—G615 Jessie

29. G615 John—G653 Everett F.

30. G653 F.—H200 Anson N.

31. H200 Anthony—H252 Woodbury

32. H254—H400 Charles M.**

33. H400 Chas. O.**—H455

34. H460—H543 Charles S.**

35. H543 Charles**—H630 Julian T.

36. H630 Katherin M.—J200 Ira T.

37. J200 J. M.—J525 Edward J.**

38. J525 Edward**—J525 Herbert W.

39. J525 Herman W.—K400 Mauser S.

40. K400 May A.—K526 H.

40a.K530—L120 Grace K.

41. L120 Hannah C.—L200 John**

42. L200 John**—L346

43. L350 Abbie—L525 Everett

44. L525 Fern—M143

45. M160—M235 Maria

46. M235 Martin—M252 Marion

47. M252 Mary—M300

48. M320—M460 Cyrus W.

49. M460 D. E.—M600 John L.**

50. M600 John M.**—M625 Kati

51. M625 Laura—M663

52. M660—N400 Zebulon

53. N420—O330/345* Arthur S.

54. O330/345* Augustus—P240

55. P250—P420 George**

56. P420 George**—P534/535* Joseph A.

57. P534/535* Labon—P625 Ezra S.

58. P625 Fannie—Q500

59. Q510—R163 Haven A.

60. R163 Henry—R262 Ruth

61. R262 Sabra—R430

62. R450—S000 Joel E.

63. S000 John—S165 Almon R.

64. S165 Almond—S316 Katrina B.

65. S316 Leander L.—S363 Edna M.

66. S363 Edward—S500 Cyrus

67. S500 Daniel—S530 Henrietta D.

68. S530 Henry—S550

69. S552—T100 Daniel S.

70. T100 Abbie M.—T455

71. T460—T536

72. T540—T653 Otis

73. T653 Patrick—W100 Henry H.**

74. W100 Henry H.**—W300 Lona M.

75. W300 Lottie E.—W355 Bridget

76. W355 Burt M.—W425 Guy J. D.

77. W425 Hale H.—W520 Alonzo M.

78. W520 Alphonso D.—W650 Ruth V.

79. W650 Samuel—Z522

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