I am searching for male Taylor descendants of Elias Taylor (1726 to 1777) of Readfield (Winthrop), Maine for the Taylor Family DNA research project, based in Utah. This project is verifying the genealogy of the various Taylor families in the USA and England. Here's what I have on Elias Taylor and some of his descendants:

Elias Taylor, Sr. (son of John Taylor and Sarah (Cummings) Taylor) was born on January 16, 1726 at Merrimac, New Hampshire (some other biographies state that he was born in 1727 at New Bedford, Massachusetts) and he died on May 29, 1777 at Fort Ticonderoga, New York. He married Mary Johnson of Parson McGreggor's colony (the original settlers of Londonderry, New Hampshire) in 1751. Mary Johnson was born on July 25, 1730, and died on December 5, 1797. Elias Taylor and his family were among the earliest settlers at Cushnoc (later Hallowell), Maine. He first settled on Lot #21 on the west side of Kennebec River, prior to 1761, and then settled on Lot #238 in East Readfield in 1771. In the fall of 1776, he enlisted to fight in the Revolutionary War, was drafted from Colonel Joseph North's regiment into the Continental Army engaged for the Town of Winthrop and served in Captain John Mills' company of Colonel Jeduthan Baldwin's regiment. Continental Army accounts to May 31, 1777 reported him as deceased. He died at Fort Ticonderoga, New York of smallpox on May 29, 1777. The Town of Winthrop, Maine voted to supply the widow Mary (Johnson) Taylor with provisions in the amount of one-half of her late husband’s wages. Elias Taylor and Mary (Johnson) Taylor had nine children:

1. Deborah: born in 1752, died in 1754.

2. John: born in 1754, died on May 19, 1777 of small pox in military service.

3. Sarah: born in 1757, first married David Clark of Hallowell on February 15, 1773, then married Jeremiah Jones and then married Major William Livermore.

4. Mary: born in 1759, married Thomas Hinkley of Hallowell on March 10, 1781.

5. Elias, Jr.:, born on February 21, 1762, was the first white child to be born at Cushnoc, within the present limits of Augusta, Maine. He moved to Readfield with his father and mother in 1771. He enlisted in the Continental Army on January 1, 1780 from Winthrop into Captain John Blunt's company. He married Betsey Knowlton on June 19, 1782. Elias Taylor Jr. became a Calvinist Baptist minister and the first pastor of the South Church, Rockwood Corner, Belgrade, Maine. “He was approbated to preach in 1808, and ordained its pastor in September, 1810. The first twenty years of this church's existence was a period of prosperity, and prior to 1830, it passed through no very severe trials and the church was united. About 1830, the church became divided, discord reigned discipline, meetings and the ordinances of the gospel were neglected and the church was disrobed of its beauty and shorn of its strength. Pastor Taylor became discouraged, resigned his office and withdrew his ministry in 1833.” Elias Taylor also served as the Representative for Belgrade at the 1819 Constitutional Convention for the newly forming State of Maine. Elias Taylor Jr. and his son John also served in the War of 1812 (in Capt. J. Minot's Company, Lieut. Col. E. Sherwin's Regiment) from September 14 to 25, 1814. He received a military service pension from the US Congress on July 23, 1832, died on January 19, 1845 at Belgrade, and was buried at Woodside Cemetery at Belgrade. Elias Taylor Jr. and his wife Betsey had six children:

1. Joel Taylor (b.1783),

2. Martha Taylor (b.1785),

3. Sarah Taylor (b.1787),

4. Betsey Taylor (b.1789), married John Penney in 1807 and had the following children: Abigail Penney (born on December 23, 1808 and died in November, 1826), Knowlton Penney (born on September 15, 1810 and died May 30 1868), Betsey Penney (born in March, 1812 and died in 1881), Martha Penney (born on August 6, 1814 and died in June, 1883), John Wormwell Penney (born on October 14, 1819 and died on March 8, 1893) and George J Penney (born on January 16, 1828 and died on September 12, 1868).

5. Elias Taylor III (b.1792, and who fought in the Aroostook War of 1839)

6. John Taylor (b.1795).

6. Anderson: born in 1763, married P. Pease of Martha’s Vineyard, Mass. In 1810, they moved to western New York State, and had six children: John, Anderson, P. Pease, James, Harriet and Elizabeth.

7. Joel Taylor: born in 1765 at Belgrade, Maine and had 9 children.

8. Anne Taylor: born in 1767 and married Deacon Nathaniel Blake.

9. Samuel Taylor: born in1769 and married Elizabeth Crowell.

Samuel Taylor (son of Elias Taylor, Sr. and Mary (Johnson) Taylor) was born on August 22, 1769 at Augusta, Maine, settled on a farm in Belgrade, Maine in 1782 and married Elizabeth Crowell of Dennis, Cape Cod in 1791. Elizabeth Crowell was born on October 7, 1772 and died on September 8, 1855 at Belgrade, Maine. Samuel and his wife Elizabeth were Quakers, also called the Society of Friends. The Quakers first met in Belgrade Maine in 1801 or 1802, with Samuel Taylor as its well-respected first Leader. He was also noted for his botanical efforts; and his farm had a high reputation for its abundance and variety of fruits. Samuel Taylor died in June 1856 at Belgrade, Maine. Samuel and Elizabeth Taylor had ten children:

1. Sarah Taylor, who married Benjamin Boweman of Fairfield.

2. David Taylor, who married Love Tilton of Belgrade and then moved to western New York State in 1831.

3. Mary Taylor, who married Francis Allen of Belgrade, had eleven children, (ten of whom were boys, who were remarkable for their longevity, physical development and weighed a combined 1900 pounds).

4. Samuel Taylor, born on September 8, 1797, married Lydia Boweman of Fairfield on March 19, 1822 and lived on a farm in Fairfield. A prominent member of the Society of Friends, he was also Director of the A&K R.R. (later Maine Central Railroad), was responsible for building the railroad and served as its President.

5. Isaiah Taylor, born in 1799, married Mehitable Pattee and resided at Smithfield, Maine.

6. John Taylor, a graduate of Union College at Schenectady, NY, was a physician, had three wives and had children, and died in New York in 1854.

7. Ruby Taylor, who married Capt. Charles Hallett of West Waterville.

8. Joseph Taylor, a member of the Society of Friends, who remained at the Taylor family homestead and raised fruit in remarkable quantity and variety, represented the Town of Belgrade in the Legislature, married Phebe Boweman of Fairfield, and had seven children.

9. Meribah Taylor, who married George Richardson in 1830 and had three children.

10. Crowell Taylor, born on September 25, 1812, who married Emily Page of Belgrade, had five children and died in April 1868.

Isaiah Taylor (son of Samuel Taylor and Elizabeth (Crowell) Taylor) was born on August 29, 1799 at Belgrade (or Starks), Maine, moved to Smithfield, Maine and married Mehitaba (or Mehitable) Pattee (the daughter of Joseph Pattee and Mary (Lowe) Pattee) on June 26, 1825 in Mercer, Somerset County, Maine. Mehitaba (or Mehitable) Pattee was born in 1806 at Smithfield, Maine and died in 1879 at Smithfield, Maine. Isaiah Taylor served in the War of 1812 (stating his age as being 18, the 5’-3” 13-year-old Isaiah, enlisted on May 17, 1813 into the 33rd U.S. Infantry). In 1847, Isaiah Taylor, a farmer and carriage maker, was hired by the Smithfield School District to build a new school for the District, and to act as its agent in borrowing the money to build the school. Isaiah borrowed the money on behalf of the school district, built the school, and thereby became an unwitting party to the lawsuit “Lander vrs. School District” that was heard by the Supreme Court of Maine in 1851. The 1850 US Census shows Isaiah and Mehitable Taylor living on a farm worth $2500 in Smithfield, along with seven of their children. The 1860 Census shows Isaiah (age 60) as a “carriage maker” and his wife Mehitable (age 53) living on the farm run by his son Samuel (age 35) and Samuel’s wife Henrietta (age 22), together with Isaiah and Mehitable’s other children David (age 26), Sarah (age 23), Lydia (age 22), Ellen (age 19) and Luther (age 15). The 1870 US Census for Smithfield, Maine shows Isaiah (age 70) and “Mehtabel” (age 62) living on the farm run by his son David Taylor (age 35) and his wife Susan (age 32) together with with David and Susan’s three children Charles (age 8), Alma (age 5) and Ervin (age 2). Isaiah Taylor died on Nov. 28, 1870; Mehitable Taylor died on September 16, 1879; and they are buried at Gould Cemetery at Smithfield, Maine.(see Note #1 below) Isaiah and Mehitable Taylor had eleven children:

1. Samuel Taylor, who married Henrietta H.? , had a son Samuel and died on May 23, 1862.

2. Deborah Taylor, born on Jun 19, 1827, who married Howard Packard on Apr 22, 1849 at Smithfield, Maine and died on November 5, 1884 at Stillwater, Minnesota. She is buried at Fairview Cemetery in Stillwater (Washington County, Minnesota Death Certificate #A-187-8).

3. Caroline Taylor.

4. Joseph P. Taylor, died on December 7, 1853.

5. Mary L. Taylor, died on July 24, 1851.

6. Isaiah Crowell Taylor, died on July 29, 1853.

7. David Taylor, born on July 2, 1833.

8. Sarah E. Taylor.

9. Lydia E. Taylor.

10. Ellen M. Taylor.

11. Luther E. Taylor.

Note #1:

Records from Gould Cemetery at Smithfield, Maine show the following burials there:

Taylor, Isaiah, died on November 28, 1870, at 71 years, 4 months, 16days.

Mehitable, his wife, died on September 16, 1879, at 73years.

Joseph P., their son, died on December 7, 1853, at 22 years, 9 months.

Mary L., their daughter, died on July 24, 1851, at 19 years.

Isaiah C., their son, died on July 29, 1853, at 18 years, 11 months.

Samuel, their son, died on May 23, 1862, at 36 years.

Samuel, son of Samuel and Henrietta H. Taylor, died January 13, 1863, at 1 year, 5 days.

David Taylor (son of Isaiah Taylor and Mehitaba (Pattee) Taylor) was born on July 2, 1833 at New Sharon, Maine. He served in the Union Army during the Civil War in the 28th Maine Infantry from October 18, 1862 to August 31, 1863. The 1870 US Census for Smithfield, Maine shows David Taylor (age 35) and first wife Susan (age 32) living on a farm with three children: Charles (age 8), Alma (age 5) and Ervin (age 2). Also living on the same farm in 1870 were David’s elderly parents Isaiah (age 70) and “Mehtabel” (age 62). Martha Stevens, David’s second wife, was born on May 3, 1854 at Smithfield, Maine and died on January 23, 1914 at Easton, Maine. Martha Stevens had come to live with David Taylor and his first wife Susan (her close friend) to care for a dying Susan and her four children (Charles, Irving, Alma and Mary). After Susan died, Martha Stevens and David Taylor married on November 18, 1876. The 1880 US Census shows David (age 47), wife Martha (age 26) and children Charles (age 17), Alma (age 14), Ervin (age 11), Mary (age 7) and Ethel (age 2) living on a farm at Smithfield, Somerset County, Maine. The same 1880 Census also shows David Taylor working at the farm of John Hoyt at Easton, Aroostook County, Maine. At some point after 1880 and before 1884, David Taylor and his family moved to a farm at Easton, Maine. David Taylor died on January 30, 1887 at Easton, Maine. The 1900 US Census shows the widow Martha Taylor living on a farm at Easton, Maine with two of her children, Preston (age 17) and Susie (age 15). David Taylor and his first wife Susan had four children:

1. Charles Taylor.

2. Alma Taylor.

3. Irving (or Ervin) Taylor.

4. Mary Taylor (White).

and four additional children with his second wife Martha:

5. Ethel Taylor.

6. Preston Taylor, born in September, 1882.

7. Evelyn Taylor.

8. Susan Martha Taylor (Lunney), born on July 21, 1884 and named after both of her father’s wives.

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