One of my ongoing genealogy projects is entering the

information on my Ellingwood ancestors and relatives onto

my tree from Florence Evelyn O'Connor's

book "The Ancestors and Descendants of Asa Freeman

Ellingwood and Florilla(Dunham) Ellingwood". I've started

with the descendants first because there are so many of

them and there are sources and images of records

that aren't available for earlier generations. Some of the people

mentioned in the book have passed away since it was published

and so I've been able to update the book's information with the

records on Ancestry. In a few cases I've been able to fill in some

missing pieces.

One such gap is concerns Fred Ellingwood, the son of Walter Fred

and Jane S(Brown)Ellingwood. He would have been the nephew of

my great grandmother Clara Ellingwood. In her book, Florence

doesn't have much information on him:

"...born in Upton, Me.about 1884; married Helen Wood and lived

in Lynn,Mass. where he worked for General Electric Co.; he died in

Lynn, Mass." (p.59).

Florence got a lot of her information from Ellingwood family members

but this entry is so small that my guess is that Fred didn't make it

back up to Maine often, if at all, and he fell out of touch with the

rest of the Ellingwoods. So I entered this into my Ancestry tree

and then searched for records.

The first thing I found were the WWI and WWII Draft Registration

Cards for one Fred Roland Ellingwood, born 18Apr 1884. But

there is a discrepancy between the two as to Fred's place of birth.

On the WWI form, he said his birthplace was Upton, Oxford, Me.

where he registered. But in 1942 when he registered in Lynn,

Essex, Ma. at the age of 58, he says he was born in Cambridge, Nh.

That puzzled me until I remembered his mother Jane had been born

in Cambridge as well. Perhaps he was born in his grandparent's home?

I still haven't found a birth record to settle on which birthplace was

correct although Fred gives it as NH on the Federal Census as well.

Next I found a record of his marriage to Helen Wood in the Maine

Marriages 1892-1996 Collection. They were married on 22Aug


The Federal Census for 1920 finds a Fred R. Ellenwood and his

wife Mary at 34 Neptune St in Lynn, Essex, Ma. Here another

discrepancy appears. They are living with a Michael O'Connor and

his wife Mary, and Helen is listed as Michael's daughter. So was

Fred's wife Helen Wood or Helen O'Connor? There was also a

Kathleen W. Ellenwood, age 6, listed as Fred and Helen's daughter.

Since they were married only two years before, I speculated that

Helen was married once already, and that Kathleen was her

daughter by her first marriage.

That theory was confirmed with the 1930 Census. Fred and Helen

were living at 21 Childs St. in Lynn and Kathleen, now 16, was

listed as Kathleen Wood, stepdaughter. By then there were also

three other children, all girls, Ruth, Jane, and Claire. Fred's job

description is given as "packer, shipping room, elec. appl. factory".

They would still be at that address when WWII broke out.

That's all I've been able to find so far about Fred and his family.

I'm hoping that someone who is related to Fred's daughters will find

this post and fill in the rest of the blanks!

Fred R. Ellingwood, b. 18Apr 1884, Cambridge Coos, Nh(?) d.

unknown m. Helen O'Connor on 22Aug 1918 in Maine.

Three Children:

Ruth b @1920

Jane b @1923

Claire b @ 1924

One stepdaughter:

Kathleen Wood b @ 1914

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