Samuel Cole

born;                 about 1761 - 1777      Mass.
died;                 about 1842
married;            about 1785
Martha Twing
born;                about 1764        Mass.
died;                about 1852
her father;        Barnabas  Twing
her mother;      Abigail  Nickerson

Children of Samuel and Martha Cole;

Reuben  Cole

born;               May  1798         Franklin, Maine
died;               19  Oct.  1886   Frankfort, Maine
buried at Coles Cemetery, Winterport, Maine
married;          25  Aug.  1904  Frankfort, Maine
Rebecca  Holbrook
born;              20 Sept. 1798
died;              25  Aug. 1880
he was living in Winterport, she living in Patten at time of marriage.

Children of Reuben and Rebecca Cole;

Fairfield  Cole

born;             12 Dec. 1842      Winterport, Maine
died;              27 July 1920      Winterport, Maine
 buried Coles Cemetery, Winterport, Maine
married;        15 Apr. 1871      Winterport, Maine
Eliza M.  Snaw
born;           1 Mar. 1851        Winterport, Maine
died;           10 Dec. 1939      
  buried Coles cemetery, Winterport, Maine

John  Cole

born;          1834                   Winterport, Maine
died;           1927
   buried  Coles cemetery, Winterport, Maine
married;      19 June 1864      Winterport, Maine
Sarah  E.  Crockett
born;           1841
died;            1925
  buried  Coles cemetery, Winterport, Maine

Samuel  Cole

born;           1822                 Winterport, Maine
died;            12 Nov. 1900    Winterport, Maine
   buried Oak Hill cemetery, Winterport, Maine
married;      12 Dec. 1849
Rebecca  Ann  Mayo
born;           27 May 1832     Carmel, Maine
died;           5 Dec. 1906      Winterport, Maine
her father;    Isaih  Mayo
born;            12 Aug. 1803
her mother;   Eunice   Littlefield
born;             12 Dec. 1801

Melissa   Cole
born;            1839
died;             1875             Winterport, Maine 
   buried Oak Hill cemetery, Winterport, Maine
married;       4 May 1864    Winterport, Maine
John  H.  Severance
born;            1840
died;             1907
  he later  marr.  Louisa F. Flinn  (Flynn?) in 1876


Saphronia   Cole
born;            about 1821         Maine


Mary  Cole


Martha  Cole

Children of John and Sarah Cole;


Leroy  Crockett  Cole
born;            9 Dec. 1880     Maine
died;            1948                Winterport, Maine 
   buried Cole cemetery, Winterport, Maine
married;       6 Aug 1904     Parren, Maine
Clara   Gilman
her father;          John  H.  Gilman
her mother;        Octavia  W.  Reed


George  W.  Cole
born;           about 1869
Alice  E.  Wheelden
born;            ?
her father;    Nathan  Wheelden
her mother;   Maria  Colson


Albert  Cole
born;           about 1865
married;      13 Aug 1892          Winterport, Maine
Effie   Sullivan
born;          1871
her father;    Bradford   Sullivan
her mother;   Addie  Kneeland


Bertie   Cole

The Children of Fairfield and Eliza Cole;


Lottie  E.  Cole
born;            17 June 1873
died;            11 Sept 1889       Winterport, Maine
  buried Cole cemetery, Winterport, Maine


Ada  B.  Cole
born;           15 May 1879
died;            11 May 1886
   buried Cole cemetery, Winterport, Maine


Raymond  F.  Cole
born;          29 June 1885       Winterport, Maine
died;          1963
  buried Coles cemetery, Winterport, Maine
married;      30 June 1910      Winterport, Maine
Sarah   'Sadie'  Conant
born;           ?
her father;    Isaac   Conant
her mother;   Jane     ?


Isa  Manier  Cole
born;            ?
?       Couillard

The Children of Samuel and Rebecca Cole;


Stephen  Cole
born;            30 Jan 1851
died;             15 Aug 1874


Samuel Edgar  Cole  Jr.
born;            30 May 1853
died;             21 Oct 1918         Winterport, Maine
Annie  Maria  Turner
born;            30 Dec 1850         Isle  Haute, Maine
died;             15 Jan 1931         Winterport, Maine
her father;     Hiram  Turner
her mother;   Maria   Collins


Herbert  Isaih  Cole
born;           2 July 1856         Frankfort, Maine
died;            30 Mar 1934       Winterport, Maine
   buried Oak Hill Cemetery, Winterport, Maine
Flora  Etta  Simpson
born;            1862
died;             1944


Cora  Ida  Cole
born;           29 Nov 1861
died;            8 Sept 1899
Fred  C.  Baker


Fred  Cole
born;            15 Jan 1867        Winterport, Maine
died;             4 Mar 1944
   buried Oak Hill cemetery, Winterport, Maine
married;        24 Mar 1891
Iva  M.  Kneeland
born;            30 Oct 1869       Winterport, Maine
died;             29 May 1929      Winterport, Maine
  buried Oak Hill cemetery, Winterport, Maine
her father;     Elias  Kneeland
her mother;    Dora  Downes


Edgar  S.  Cole
born;            about 1853
died;            21 Oct 1918      Winterport, Maine

The Children of John and Melissa  (Cole) Severance

Maud  Severance
born;            1875
died;             1881

The children of Leroy and Clara  (Gilman)  Cole;

Marion  F.  Cole
born;           about 1906             Maine
died;            26    DEC    1990   St Petersburg Florida
  (she was a school teacher)
married;      24 Dec 1927      Stockton Springs, Maine
Clifford  R.  Cummings
born;           about 1902             Maine
Note;  They had no children of their own.  They adpoted Patricia Juanita Rice who was age 2 at time of adoption, born in a Belfast Maine hospital.    Patricia was the second child of Grace Lois (Rice) Anthony.  Grace was divorced from Raymond L. Anthony of Ohio and was a live-in house keeper in Winterport when she had her second child.  
Grace's parents were Clyde Garvey Rice and Etta May Burns of Northfield, Maine.  After her house keeping job ended, Grace returned to Northfield, Maine with her first daughter, where they lived in a one room log cabin with no electricty or running water, across the road from the Rice farmstead where her brother and parents lived.
Patricia  went on to marry Roger M. Miller and later married William Ashcroft.
Clifford, Marion and Patricia Cummings lived on a farm in Stockton Springs, Maine until the farm burned down.  They moved in with Marion's parents on their farm in Winterport, Maine and lived there for some years.

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