I am very interested in the person known as Thomas Hardy form Piscataqua.  He was accused of being a witch in the Salem Witchcraft Hysteria in 1692.  Does any one have any information they would like to share about him or the Salem Which trials. Do you have any stories, links, or facts about the acused of acusers? 

(Joseph Ring v. Susannah Martin and Thomas Hardy)


The deposion of Joseph Ring at Salsbury aged:27: years being sworne sayth That about the Latter end of september Last being in the wood with his brother Jarvis Ring hewing of timber his brother went home with his teame and Left this deponent alone to finish the hewing of the peec for him for his brother to carry w'n he came againe: but as soon as his brother was gon ther came to this deponent the appearanc of Thomas Hardy of the great Iland at Puscataway and by som Impuls he was forsed to follow him to the house of benovy tuker w'ch was deserted and was about half a mile from the plac he was at work in) and in that house did appear Susana martin of Amsbery and the aforsayd Hardy and another female
son w'ch the deponent did not know: ther they had a good fire & drink it seemed to be sid'r ther continud most part of the night s'd martin being then in her natural shape and talking as shee use to do: but toward the morning the s'd martine went from the fire: made a noyse and turned into the shape of a blak hoge & went away and so did the other: to psons go away and this deponent was strangly caryed away also and the first plac he knew was by sam'll woods hous in Amsbury

sworne by Joseph Ring may the 13th: 1692:

before me *Robt Pike Asit  Essex County Archives, Salem -- Witchcraft Vol. 1 Page 64


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