Thomas Woodbury Last Will and Testament (1700-1757)

Thomas Woodbury is my 5th Great-grand uncle.  He was born 9/5/1700 in Beverly, Massachusetts and died 10/3/1757 in Falmouth (now Portland), Maine.  I believe this will was written shortly before his death in 1757.

You start to get an idea of just how far I am digging into my family ancestry :-)

His last will and testament was the first family will document I was able to uncover.  As I have said, Maine is a genealogists dream come true (I wish all my family had lived there).  They have done such a thorough job of cataloging historical documents and making them available to the public.  I have included a full copy of Thomas Woodbury's will.  I was able to find this from searching an online Google e-book titled "Maine wills: 1640-1760 By Maine Historical Society".  

If you have relatives that died in Maine in that time period, check this out.  

I do recommend searching Google e-books, they can be an effective source of historical information.  

In addition, Thomas Woodbury's will is witnessed by my 5th Great-grandfather, John Armstrong.

From the will you can see that Thomas Woodbury was pretty well off by the standards of the time.  

I especially like that he bequest each of his daughters, Priscilla and Joanna Woodbury, their  own heifer.

Nothing like a cow to remember daddy and show your love.
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