Hi everyone! I've been doing my genealogy for many years and have heard rumors that there's Native American in my family. I have searched and searched but found nothing at all. My grandmother was Susie Emma (Tibbetts) Fitts and she honestly looked full blooded Native American, but I have no idea which side it could have been on, if it was on the Tibbetts or her mothers side (she was Etta Kelley Seavey) I've traced both/all lines back to England and I can't find any names that remotely sound Native American so if it's there, someone changed names which I assume because a "white" person marrying an "Indian" would have been a no no.......So I'm wondering, does anyone know anything about the Seaveys or Tibbetts and could help me out??? My dad has ordered the Ancestry.com DNA test so I'm hoping that will help out but if anyone knows anything, I'd love to hear any information about them, You can only learn so much from records. I should say that they lived in the Washington County Maine area. My grandmother was from Columbia Falls, Maine and others were from Addison, Jonesport, Jonesboro etc....I know there was a Tibbettstown. involved too. Can anyone help me!!!

Amanda Fitts

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