I am a descendent of the Verrill's of Patch Mountain.  I am trying to piece together their geneology.  My grandmother was Ruby Verrill Rogers and she passed away in August 1934 when my mother and her twin were born.  One twin lived with the uncle and grandfather, George and Charles while the other (my Mom) went to live with an unrelated person (Celia Davis) in Lovell.

Would love any information on the Verrills.

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Comment by Chris Dunham on September 14, 2016 at 12:42am

Ruby was the daughter of Charles Wesley Verrill and Etta M. Peabody, born 11 Aug. 1907 in Greenwood. Here's her birth record. Charles was the son of Franklin H. Verrill and Abigail Read. He was born 14 Sept. 1867 in Woodstock, died 28 May 1947 in Greenwood. He married Etta May Peabody 4 Dec. 1889 in Norway. She was the daughter of Noah Mason Peabody and Ellen Mary King, born 7 June 1870 in Albany, died 16 Sept. 1924 in Greenwood.

Franklin H. Verrill was the son of Henry Verrill and Lorana P. Metcalf, born 20 Nov. 1836 in Poland. He died in Greenwood, 6 Nov. 1905, of shock after an accident and the amputation of a leg. Here's his death record. He married his first wife Abby Read of Lewiston on 22 Feb. 1856 in Turner. Their marriage record is here.

I believe that Henry Verrill was the son of Jeremiah Verrill and Lydia Tripp. His ancestors had lived in Essex County, Massachusetts. Your Verrills were only distantly related to the Verrill family that had earlier settled on Patch Mountain in Greenwood.

There is great book called "The History & Genealogy of the Varrell-Verrill and Associated Families" by Harold F. Round. If you can find a copy, it will tell you much more about your Verrill ancestors.

Comment by Franz Martin on September 18, 2016 at 12:06am

Etta Mae Peabody, the mother of Ruby Verrill, was the daughter of Nathan Noah (or Noah Nathan) Peabody and Martha Ellen Ring (not King).  I know this because Martha Ellen Ring is my great great aunt.  There is some dispute about her husband's name.  Etta Mae's death certificate calls him Nason; other sources change this to Mason.  His gravestone calls him Noah N. Peabody.  Our family records call him Nathan and I'm going with that since his grandfather was Nathan Morse.  He and his wife Martha Ellen Ring were first cousins.  Their mothers -- Polly Morse and Martha Morse -- were sisters, both daughters of Nathan Morse, Jr.

I have a record of the IW Andrews & Son Funeral Home from 1905 showing that Franklin H. Verrill was buried in the Patch Mountain Cemetery, although there is no marker there for him.  The two Verrill families may have been only distantly related, but there seems to have been some additional link to Patch Mountain.  Certainly the Ring and Peabody families had ties to that area.  Maybe it was Etta's links which led to her father in law being buried there.

Comment by Chris Dunham on September 18, 2016 at 12:40am

Thanks for your corrections. My notes say that Franklin has an inscription in Wayside Cemetery in West Paris—perhaps added later to his widow's stone?

It was this second wife, Alice M. Verrill, who purchased the Lovering/Furlong farm on Patch Mountain in 1876 [Oxford Deeds, book 176, page 400]. This had been sold to Harrison Swift in 1868 [book 151, page 518], who sold it back to Josiah F. Lovering in 1873 [book 168, page 168]. Swift's first wife was Lucy Ring, so there had been a Ring connection to the land. Of course, this all predates the Verrill/Ring/Peabody marriages.

Comment by Wendy Williams on February 27, 2019 at 1:01pm

Thank you, Chris and Franz!


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