Wedding Reception Guest List of Mr. and Mrs. Elton L. Dunham

Elton Lee Dunham and Mabel Claire Morgan of Greenwood, Oxford County, Maine, were married Sept. 26, 1896, in West Paris. This is a list of those who attended their wedding reception on Oct. 15, 1896, and where in Greenwood they lived. It was amended at some point to indicate who had died, and who was present at their 50th anniversary celebration in 1946. A transcription follows.


Names of People present at the reception of Mr. and Mrs. Elton L. Dunham Oct 15th 1896

Bryant Destrict
Frank Davis
Annie C Bryant
John Titus [Dead]
Nellie Titus [Dead]
Roy Titus
Harry D. Cole [Dead]
Jenny Cole
James Gorman [Dead]
Dannie M. E. Bryant [Present 1946]
Fannie E. Brooks
Weslie Waterhouse
Earnest Brooks [Present 1946]
Frank Brooks [Present 1946]
Maime Brooks
Myrtle Brooks [Dead]

Greenwood Center
Frank Bennett [Dead]
Mary Bennett
Will Bennett
Jason Bennett
Ira W Swan [Dead]
Lydia E Swan [Present 1946]
Lula Penley [Dead]
Daniel Cole [Present 1946]
Stanton Cole
Lucretia Cole [Dead]
Bell Farr [Dead]

Greenwood City
Stilman Cole [Dead]
Ellie E. Cole
Colie B. Ring [Present 1946]
Iva Ring
Gim Lapham [Dead]
Maime Cole [Dead]
Alon Cole [Dead]
Nina Cole [Dead]
Lendal Yates [Dead]
Clifton Swan [Dead]

Richerson Destrict
Bennie Richerson [Dead]
Henry Brooks
Walter Penley
John Hussey

Patch Mountain
Hanner J. Noyes [Present 1946]
Aggie E. Verrill
Floyd E. Morgan [Present 1946]
Oscar O. Peabody
Will Farr
Frank Morgan [Present 1946]
Stephen R. Foster
Irvin J. Foster

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