Who are parents of Aaron Winslow b 1804

I am looking for information on Aaron Winslow who was born in  1804 in  either Fayette or Greene Maine.  Available information indicates that he was raised for most of his youth in the home of Benjamin Palmer in Fayette Maine in Kennebec Co. 

Aaron married Hannah French in 1828 in Fayette.   They lived either there or in Greene until the 1860's when they moved to Valparaiso, Ind.  Benjamin was a deacon in the Fayette Baptist Church.   Aaron was known for being the singing schoolmaster in Greene.  The couple had 11 children.  Some are buried in the Fayette North Cemetery.  There are several other Aaron's who lived in the vicinity in Kennebec Co.  We have checked out many Winslow men in the area who were the right age to be his father, but nothing has panned out.  It is possible that his parents weren't married, but no info on his mother has surfaced. 

It seems that Aaron was dropped off a space ship or something.   I have found nothing on his parents or any siblings or other family.  It is probable that Ben Palmer was his grand father.   They lived close together until Aaron moved to Ind.   Aaron and Hannah both died in 1888 in the home of their son Moses in valaraiso. 

We have info on the parents of Hannah and her parents.  She had a twin brother.   Her parents were Moses and Sarah French.

Both Moses and Benjamin came from New Hampshire in the early 1790's    

Any ideas or sources would be appreciated.    Bill Timmons   bftimmons@cimtel.net    I don't text and don't use twitter.

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