Wilfred Martin Savoy 1921-1991


Savoy Pedigree

Martin S. Savoy 1895-1989 and Mazy Evelyn Pinkham 1902-1940+

Gustavus Savoie 1865-1916+ and Ellen Mary Hall 1873-1945

Edmond Aimé Savoie 1832-1917 and Rosalie Basque 1831-1920

Jean Savoie 1808-1882 and Monique Comeau 1810-1887

Jean-Magloire Savoie 1782-1870 and Esther Breau 1790-1870

Firmin J. Savoie 1750-1806 and Marie-Rose Bastarache

Jean-Baptiste Savoie 1712- and Marguerite Blanchard 1719-

Germain Savoie 1682- and Genevieve Babineau 1693-

Germain Savoie 1654-1739 and Marie Breau 1662-1749

Francois Savoie 1621-1678 and Catherine dit Briard Lejeune 1633-


Pinkham Pedigree

Mazy Evelyn Pinkham 1902-1940+ and Martin S. Savoy 1895-1989

Willis J. Pinkham 1872-1956 and Bertha C. Thompson 1879-1959

Eben Handy Pinkham 1825-1906 and Rachel Mitchell 1838-1894

Thomas Pinkham 1791-1860 and Margaret West 1794-1875

Tristam Pinkham 1748-1825 and Ann Leighton 1748-1825

Tristam Pinkham 1700- and Martha Hayes 1721-1762

Richard Pinkham 1676-1700+ and Elizabeth Leighton 1676-1756


          Wilfred Martin Savoy[1] was born in Bangor, Maine, the only child of Martin S. Savoy[2] and Mazy Evelyn Pinkham[3], who were married on August 5, 1920, about five months before Wilfred's birth.  At his birth, Wilfred M. Savoy's mother's name is recorded as Mary Pinkham.


          Martin S. Savoy was born in Gloucester, New Brunswick, Canada, the son of Gustave Savoie[4] and Ellen Hall[5], who were married on June 9, 1890 in Tracadie, New Brunswick, Canada. Gustave Savoie was 22 and Ellen Hall was 17 at the time of their marriage. Gustave was also known as Stephen, Gustavus and Ustave Savoie or Savoy. Ellen is also known as Helen, Helene or Heline, Elnor Savoy, Ellen M. or Mary Ellen Mushrall.


For the Martin Savoie Genealogy:



          In 1881, in Saumarez, New Brunswick, Gustave Savoie is known as Ustave Savoy, age 15, living with parents Aime Savoy 47 and Rosalie Savoy age 49, with his five other siblings ages 1 year to 21 years old.


          Aime Savoy[6] married Rosalie Le Basque[7] on November 20, 1854 in Saumarez and they had ten children born in Tracadie: Monique[8], Odile[9], Fabien[10], Aime[11], Gustave[12], Marie Julie[13], Marie-Elizabeth[14], Tranquil[15], Elizabeth[16] and Meleme Savoie[17].


          Gustave Savoie, age 46, is living in York Sub-Districts 1-38, New Brunswick, Canada during the 1911 Census there, with wife Elnor [sic] Savoy, age 37, with three of their children: Daniel Savoy 21, Ida Savoy 2 and Fred Savoy 1. There is no record for Gustave Savoie after 1911.


          On December 20, 1916, Ellen Savoy, age 40, born 1876 in Tracadie, New Brunswick, Canada arrives in Vanceboro, Maine. She is joining her husband Stephen Savoy, who is already living at 11 Union Street in Bangor. Ellen Savoy is listed as being 5’ 8” tall, with a medium complexion, brown hair and eyes. She has $35 with her at the time. She is able to read and write, presumably English.


          Gustave “Stephen” Savoy or Savoie must have died between 1916 and 1920, probably in Bangor, but no record is found for this, yet.

          In 1920, in Bangor, Maine, Helen Savoy, age 41, widowed, lives with her son John Savoy, age 22 and daughter Nellie Savoy age 17. The immigration year is recorded as 1917 for Helen and John Savoy.


          On December 31, 1927, Marietta Hall married Michael Mushrall[18] in Greenville, Maine. This is no doubt, Ellen Mary Hall, who is using a variation of her first and middle names. Mary Ellen Mushrall died at the age of 68 and is buried with Michael Mushrall in Greenville Cemetery.


          Ellen M. (Hall) Savoie immigrated to the United States in about 1916, according to the 1930 record in Greenville, Maine for Ellen M. Mushrall, age 53, living with her second husband, Mike Mushrall, age 45 and some of her children, including her son, John Savoy, age 34.


          In 1940, Martin Savoy, age 40, divorced, 1935 residence was in Greenville, Maine, is now living with his brother, John Savoy[19], age 42, divorced, in Ward 2, Berlin, New Hampshire. Martin’s Social Security Number was issued in New Hampshire, probably about this time.


          On October 23, 1949, Martin Savoy of Ellsworth, Maine, married his sister-in-law, Doris Pinkham. She is also known as Doris Parritt[20]. Doris M. Parritt and Clarence G. Pinkham[21] were married on March 21, 1923 in Steuben, Maine. Clarence Pinkham is the older brother of Mazy Evelyn (Pinkham) Savoy, Martin S. Savoy’s first wife.


          Clarence G. Pinkham, age 41 and his wife, Dorris [sic] E. Pinkham, age 35, live in Steuben Town, Maine in 1940, with their seven children: Lola [sic] M. Pinkham[22] 15, Hazel J. Pinkham[23] 13, Ethel M. Pinkham[24] 12, William M. Pinkham[25] 10, Clarence G. Pinkham[26] 8, Mariland [sic] J. Pinkham[27] 5 and Georgia L. Pinkham[28] 4. Where did those kids live after their mother left? I wonder if they stayed with their father Clarence?


For photographs of the Pinkham family members, please see:



          Doris Pinkham (Parritt) Savoy died at 74 and was buried with first husband, Clarence G. Pinkham and their son, Clarence G. Pinkham, Jr., who died at 17, in Woodbine Cemetery in Ellsworth, at her request.


          Martin S. Savoy died in Bangor at the age of 94 and is buried in Mount Pleasant Catholic Cemetery in Bangor. Alone.


          Mazy Evelyn Pinkham was born in Steuben, the daughter of Willis Josiah Pinkham[29] and Bertha Corilla Thompson[30], who were married on July 14, 1894 in Sullivan, Maine and had ten children.


          The children of Willis and Bertha Pinkham are: Ethel Pinkham[31], who died at the age of 4 months; her possible twin, Edith Marion Pinkham[32], who first married at the age of 18 to 28-year-old Ralph Harry Newbert[33] on May 16, 1914 in Bangor and they had ten children:




          Edith Pinkham next married widower, Clifford L. Burrill[34] on June 7, 1958. Edith is buried with him in Mt. Hope Cemetery in Bangor.


          Some other children of Willis and Bertha Pinkham: Clarence G. Pinkham and Fred A. Pinkham[35], who died at the age 20 from Lobar Pneumonia; Donald L. Pinkham[36], who married Helen E. Bragg[37] on June 12, 1927 in Dedham, Maine and it appears they had a son, Malcolm.


          Donald Pinkham died before 1930, when Helen E. Pinkham, a 19-year-old, widowed, servant, is living with her 3-year-old son, Malcolm E. Bragg in the household of Perley R. Carl, in Bucksport, Maine.


          The daughter of Willis and Bertha Pinkham, Josephine “Josie” M. Pinkham[38] died at age 13 in Dedham of Pneumonia; son, Eugene M. Pinkham[39]; Avis Lillian Pinkham[40], who first married a man with the surname Rowe and had three sons: Edward Rowe[41], Charles Rowe[42] and Leroy Rowe[43]. It is highly likely that in 1931, Avis L. Pinkham, age 18, married Charles S. Rowe[44], age 30, although a record is not found.


          Charles S. Rowe was the son of Charles T. Rowe[45] and Adelia W. Fletcher[46], who were also, the parents of Leon Earl Rowe, the second husband of Mazy Evelyn (Pinkham) Savoy.


          Charles S. Rowe was born in Clifton, Maine and died in Eddington, Maine at the age of 36. The exact dates of his birth and death are not known, but his birth year is given as 1902 in Eddington in the 1910 and 1920 Census, when he is living with his family there.


          Avis L. Rowe aka Avis L. Pinkham, married Harold O. Getchell[47] on February 10, 1940 in Holden, Maine. They had no known children and the whereabouts of her sons, Edward, Charles and Leroy is uncertain.


          The youngest child of Willis and Bertha Pinkham was Kathleen M. Pinkham[48], who first married John W. Carter on November 5, 1932 in Dedham and they had a daughter, Gloria Carter born about 1934. Kathleen Pinkham next married Lou Wentworth[49] on February 1, 1936 and they had a daughter, Patricia Wentworth, born about 1937.


          Back to Mazy Evelyn Pinkham, who is known as Maise E. Pinkham during the 1910 Census, living in Brewer, Maine with her parents and six siblings. On January 8, 1920, in Brewer, Mazy is known as Majrie Pinkham, age 17, living with her mother Bertha Pinkham and Mazy’s five other siblings. Willis Pinkham is working in Dedham, Maine and is not living with Bertha. Mazy is known as Maizie Evelyn Pinkham at her marriage to W. M. or W. Martin Savoy in Bangor.


          Martin and Mazy Savoy were divorced before 1930, where she was listed as Maisie E. Savoy, an "Inmate" in the "State Reformatory for Women" in Skowhegan, Maine. Mazy's ex-husband, Martin Savoy was living in Moscow, Maine in a boarding house in 1930, but his 9-year-old son Wilfred Martin Savoy is not found there with him. 


          Wilfred Martin Savoy's grandparents, Willis J. and Bertha C. Pinkham are living in Holden, Maine with their two youngest daughters, Avis L. Pinkham 16 and Kathleen M. Pinkham 13, but Wilfred is not there. There are no 1930 Census records in Maine for Wilfred M. Savoy.


          When Wilfred M. Savoy was almost 10 years old, Mazy’s stay at jail must have been over, because Mazy Evelyn (Pinkham) Savoie married for the second time to Leon E. Rowe[50] on December 5, 1931 in Eddington. They did not have children and it is unknown if Wilfred Savoy ever lived with his mother and step-father Leon Rowe.


          Leon Earl Rowe was born in Clifton to Charles T. Rowe and Elida Mithel or Adelia S. Fletcher, depending on the record cited. On September 12, 1918, Leon Earl Rowe, age 18, of East Eddington, Maine, registers for the WWI draft in Bangor. Leon Earl Rowe indicates that he has ‘lost his left thumb’, in the remarks section of the card.


          In 1940, Mazie [sic] E. and Leon E. Rowe live on Fort Hill Road in Gorham, Maine, but her son Wilfred Savoy is not listed with them and has just joined the United States Military. It is unknown what happened to Mazy Pinkham or her husband Leon Rowe after the 1940 Census.


          In 1940, a 19-year-old Wilfred M. Savoy is stationed at Camp Paraiso in the Republic of Panama, with the Fifth Infantry, as part of the Panama Canal Defense Project. Camp Paraiso was home to 65,000 troops, who had built barracks, quarters, a post exchange and a movie theater there.  By 1943 it was closed as a military camp.


          On February 7, 1945 in Newport, Maine, 24-year-old Wilfred Martin Savoy[51], a recent WWII Veteran married an 18-year-old pregnant, Mildred E. Whiting, a sister of his friend, Fred E. Whiting[52].


          After their marriage in Newport, Wilfred M. and Mildred E. Savoy soon moved to Rutland, Massachusetts.  The daughter of Mildred Whiting and married man, Thomas Neill[53], Gloria Jean (Neill) Savoy[54] was born in the nearby town of Holden, Massachusetts.  Gloria Jean Savoy was born two months prematurely and weighed only 3 pounds.


          Wilfred Savoy did not want his step-daughter, Gloria Jean, but her father, Thomas Neill did and took the baby girl home with him to Maine.  Thomas’ wife Doris, definitely did not want the baby, so Gloria Jean was taken to Dr. Archibald C. Ross[55] in Albion, Maine. 


          Dr. Ross then gave Gloria Jean to his daughter Maxine Audrey Ross[56] and her husband Francis Gardiner Jones[57], who also lived in Albion.  Baby girl, Gloria Jean Savoy would be adopted and renamed Linda K. Jones, never knowing who her birth parents were.

          Wilfred M. Savoy and Mildred E. (Whiting) Savoy would move to Lancaster, Massachusetts and have two children together, son Willard Lawrence Savoy[58] and a daughter Marva Savoy, born about 1947.  Wilfred and Mildred Savoy’s marriage lasted 2 ½ years and they were divorced the same year as their daughter Marva’s birth.

          In September of 1947, Wilfred M. Savoy’s divorce from Mildred E. Whiting was finalized in Bangor. Mildred Whiting moved on rather quickly and Wilfred Savoy moved far, far away from her.  As far as he could get and still stay on the continent of North America.


          Wilfred M. Savoy relocated to Alaska, about 4,500 miles away from Massachusetts.  Wilfred M. Savoy, age 31, married for a second time in Anchorage, Alaska in August of 1952 to a 52-year-old divorcee named Esther M. (Stein) Brittingham Encelewski.  It is the third time that Esther M. Stein[59] has been married.  Her first marriage was very brief and her second marriage to Marion A. Encelewski ended in 1950.


          Esther M. Stein married for the first time, probably before 1928, to Edward Raymond Brittingham[60], who was born in Washington, D.C.  Their only child, Ned Raymond Brittingham[61] was born in Easton, Pennsylvania.  Esther and Edward Brittingham divorced before 1930.


          Wilfred Savoy was only seven years older than his new stepson, Ned R. Brittingham, who had adopted the surname of his first step-father, Marion A. Encelewski.  


          Esther Stein, age 26 married her second husband Marion A. Eucelewski[62] [sic], age 24 on October 7, 1933 in Manhattan, New York.  According to this record, Esther is born in 1907 and Marion in 1909.  Esther was actually 33 years old at the time of her marriage to Marion, because in other records her birth year is noted as being in 1900. 


          Marion and Esther lived in Easton, where she was born and her parents still lived.  Marion and Esther Encelewski had a daughter, Marion Emma Encelewski[63], who was also born in Easton.


          Marion and Esther Encelewski homesteaded with the children Ned and Marion Emma to Clam Gulch, Alaska in 1945.  Marion and Esther Encelewski divorced about five years later in September of 1950 and Esther (Stein) Encelewski then married Wilfred M. Savoy. 


          Wilfred (William in this record) and Esther Savoy divorced on October 15, 1954 in Anchorage, two weeks before her marriage to fourth husband, C. A. Richey on November 1, 1954 also in Anchorage.  Esther and C.A. Richey were divorced on September 12, 1956, only a week before she filed intentions to marry for a fifth time to her second husband, Marion A. Encelewski on October 7, 1956 in Homer, Alaska. 


          Marion A. Encelewski is listed as age 47 and Esther (Stein) Richey is 49 years old at their second marriage together. This would coincide with their first marriage ages in 1933, but conflict with the 1910 and 1930 Census records indicating that Esther Stein was born in 1901.  Esther M. (Stein) Encelewski died in Anchorage.  She was 88 years old.   

          Her husband, Marion Encelewski died less than 5 years after he married his first wife, Esther (Stein) Savoy Richey for the second time.


          On October 30, 1952, Marion E. Encelewski, the daughter of Marion and Esther, married Grassim Oskolkoff[64], an Aleut Eskimo, who was later to become the Tribal Leader of the Ninilchick in Alaska.


          Wilfred M. Savoy age 35, "Race - White" married for a third time on July 13, 1956 (or August 3, 1956) to Mary M. Peters, a 29-year-old "Race - Indian", both residents of Fairbanks.  Mary Peters is a "Laundry Worker" and Wilfred is employed as a "Power Plant Operator".  This is a first marriage for Mary Peters, who was born in West Yukon, Alaska.


          Mary (Peters) Savoy divorced Wilford [sic] Savoy on October 4, 1957 in Fairbanks.  Mary Marie (Peters) Savoy, age 30, married again on December 31, 1957 to 24-year-old Theodore “Ted” Eric Weiler[65], who was employed as a “Surveyor”. He was born in Medford, Wisconsin.


          About two years later, this appeared in the Fairbanks Daily News-Miner, from September 30, 1959:


          “Four Plead Guilty on Trip to Alaska On Liquor Charge. Charges of drunkenness were lodged against four people in City Magistrate's Court early this week on which pleas of guilty were entered. Arrested in the 200 block on North Cushman St, at 5:53 a.m. Sunday, Merle Marie received a 30-day sentence, with 15 days suspended on condition of good behavior for one year. Clarence Morgan was fined $100 after he had been arrested at 1:36 p.m. in the 60C block on 17th Avenue; and Thomas Morris, arrested in the 900 block on 23rd Ave. at 10:10 p.m., was fined $50. Mary Weiler received a five-day sentence, suspended on condition of good behavior.”


          Theodore and Mary Weiler divorced and he married again before 1969. It is unknown what happened to Mary Marie (Peters) Savoy Weiler after her divorce from Theodore Eric Weiler.


          Theodore E. Weiler was still living in Fairbanks in 2013, when this appeared in the Fairbanks Daily News-Miner:


Public Safety Report — Sept. 4, 2013

“Theodore Eric Weiler, 80, of Fairbanks, was charged with DUI. Weiler was found passed-out in the driver’s seat of a 2007 Cadillac sedan, high-centered on a snow bank outside his E Street home on April 3, Fairbanks police said. The charge was filed last week. He said he drank too many beers and should not have been driving, police said. He refused to take a breath-alcohol test, police said.”

          Wilfred Savoy’s third wife, Mary M. Peters[66], born at Fort Yukon, Alaska, was the only "Indian" to appear anywhere in this family. Mary Peters was an "Eskimo" and the relationship to the “100% White” Gladys Mabel (Hunt) Whiting is negligible and laughable. Ha Ha!!!!


          Wilfred M. Savoy died in Pacific, King County, Washington. His obituary appeared in "The Seattle Post-Intelligencer on November 14, 1991. He was 70 years old when he died and outlived his first wife, Mildred Evelyn (Whiting) Safford by nearly 20 years. 


          Wilfred Martin Savoy is buried in Willamette National Cemetery at 11800 SE Mount Scott Boulevard in Portland, Oregon. 


          I wonder if Wilfred Savoy ever had any kind of relationship with his children Willard and Marva Savoy after he left the East Coast?


          His son, Willard “Bill” Lawrence Savoy died at age 70 in Florida and is buried in Jacksonville National Cemetery in Jacksonville. But, what ever happened to Wilfred Martin Savoy’s daughter, Marva Savoy?


          Marva Savoy was probably born in Clinton, Massachusetts about April-August of 1947. Was “Marva” her given name at birth or just a nickname? From her step-father Everett R. Safford’s obituary, she is listed as “Mrs. Marv Savoy” of Massachusetts in 1988. Confusing, yes.


          Marva Savoy is one of the mysteries about this family that I certainly would like to solve. I want to find out everything about her, whether she married and if she is still alive or possibly dead.






[1] Wilfred M. Savoy b Jan 10, 1921 d Nov 5, 1991; son of Martin S. Savoy 1895-1989 & Mazy E. Pinkham 1902-1940+

[2] Martin S. Savoy b May 15, 1895 d Jun 3, 1989; son of Gustavus A. Savoie 1865-1916+ & Mary Ellen Hall 1873-1945

[3] Mazy E. Pinkham b Sep 8, 1902 d 1940+; dau of Willis J. Pinkham 1872-1956 & Bertha C. Thompson 1879-1959

[4] Gustave Savoie b Mar 1865 d 1916+; son of Edmund dit Aimé Savoie 1832-1917 & Rosalie Le Basque 1831-1920

[5] Ellen Mary Hall b Dec 4, 1873 d 1945; dau of Amos John Hall 1827-1911 & Marceline Arseneau 1830-1919

[6] Edmund dit Aimé Savoie b Mar 18, 1832 d Apr 30, 1917; son of Jean Savoie 1808-1882 & Monique Comeau 1810-1887

[7] Rosalie Basque b Mar 13, 1831 d Sep 29, 1920; dau of Alexis Basque 1807-1886 & Venerande Comeau 1804-1860

[8] Monique Savoie b Jun 14, 1856 d Nov 13, 1925; dau of Aimé Savoie 1832-1917 & Rosalie Basque 1831-1920

[9] Odile Savoie b Dec 29, 1858 d Oct 20, 1945; dau of Aimé Savoie 1832-1917 & Rosalie Basque 1831-1920

[10] Fabien Savoie b Nov 11, 1860 d Apr 4, 1938; son of Aimé Savoie 1832-1917 & Rosalie Basque 1831-1920

[11] Aimé Savoie b Nov 19, 1862 d Ap 21, 1949; son of Aimé Savoie 1832-1917 & Rosalie Basque 1831-1920

[12] Gustave Savoie b May 12, 1865 d 1911+: son of Aimé Savoie 1832-1917 & Rosalie Basque 1831-1920

[13] Marie Julie Savoie b Aug 27, 1868 d Sep 5, 1940; dau of Aimé Savoie 1832-1917 & Rosalie Basque 1831-1920

[14] Marie Elizabeth Savoie b Jun 3, 1870 d Mar 20, 1872; dau of Aimé Savoie 1832-1917 & Rosalie Basque 1831-1920

[15] Tranquil Savoie b Dec 18, 1872 d 1875; son of Aimé Savoie 1832-1917 & Rosalie Basque 1831-1920

[16] Elizabeth Savoie b Dec 24, 1875 d unknown; dau of Aimé Savoie 1832-1917 & Rosalie Basque 1831-1920

[17] Meleme Savoie b Oct 20, 1879 d Nov 30, 1960; son of Aimé Savoie 1832-1917 & Rosalie Basque 1831-1920

[18] Michael Mushrall b Aug 24, 1883 d Aug 1, 1937; son of James Myshrall 1841-1937 & Phoebe Burgoyne 1850-1924

[19] Jean Savoie b Nov 15, 1893 d Jan 6, 1970; son of Gustavus A. Savoie 1865-1916+ & Mary Ellen Hall 1873-1945

[20] Doris M. Parritt b Mar 18, 1905 d Oct 29, 1979; dau of Emerson Parritt 1859-1922 & Sophronia J. Young 1866-1920+

[21] Clarence Garfield Pinkham b Jul 17, 1898 d Dec 9, 1978; son of Willis Pinkham 1872-1956 & Bertha Thompson 1879-1959

[22] Iola Mae Pinkham b May 30, 1924 d Feb 23, 2000; dau of Clarence Pinkham 1898-1978 & Doris Parritt 1905-1979

[23] Hazel J. Pinkham b Sep 3, 1925 d Sep 1, 2003; dau of Clarence Pinkham 1898-1978 & Doris Parritt 1905-1979

[24] Ethel M. Pinkham b Mar 10, 1925? d Feb 4, 1995; dau of Clarence Pinkham 1898-1978 & Doris Parritt 1905-1979

[25] William M. Pinkham b Aug 2, 1928 d Oct 1, 2007; son of Clarence Pinkham 1898-1978 & Doris Parritt 1905-1979

[26] Clarence G. Pinkham, Jr. b 1930 d 1947; son of Clarence G. Pinkham 1898-1978 & Doris Parritt 1905-1979

[27] Marilyn J. Pinkham b Jun 19, 1934 d Dec 18, 2009; dau of Clarence G. Pinkham 1898-1978 & Doris Parritt 1905-1979

[28] Georgia L. Pinkham b Aug 7, 1935 d Nov 25, 2009; dau of Clarence Pinkham 1898-1978 & Doris Parritt 1905-1979

[29] Willis Josiah Pinkham b 1872 d 1956; son of Eben Handy Pinkham 1825-1906 & Rachel Mitchell 1850-1894

[30] Bertha Corilla Thompson b Sep 3, 1876 or 1879-1959; dau of William H. Thompson 1838-1920 & Clarinda Colson 1832-1909

[31] Ethel Pinkham b Nov 20, 1985 d Feb 4, 1896; dau of Willis J. Pinkham 1872-1956 & Bertha C. Thompson 1879-1959

[32] Edith M. Pinkham b Nov 20, 1895 d Apr 30, 1980; dau of Willis J. Pinkham 1872-1956 & Bertha C. Thompson 1879-1959

[33] Ralph Newbert b Mar 4, 1882 d Jul 15, 1965; son of William Newbert 1844-1908 & Patience E. Knight 1849-1923

[34] Clifford Loring Burrill b Sep 17, 1888 d Jun 5, 1965; son of Hadley P. Burrill 1855-1914 & Ella L. Lovejoy 1854-1937

[35] Fred Pinkham b Sep 11, 1899 d Dec 3, 1920; son of Willis J. Pinkham 1872-1956 & Bertha C. Thompson 1879-1959

[36] Donald L. Pinkham b 1904 d unknown; son of Willis J. Pinkham 1872-1956 & Bertha C. Thompson 1879-1959

[37] Helen E. Bragg b 1911 d 1930+; dau? of Ancil Jason Bragg 1879-1922 & Abbie Jane Alley 1888-1940+

[38] Josephine M. Pinkham b 1906 d May 11, 1919; dau of Willis J. Pinkham 1872-1956 & Bertha C. Thompson 1879-1959

[39] Eugene M. Pinkham b Aug 8, 1908 d Apr 23, 1986; son of Willis J. Pinkham 1872-1956 & Bertha C. Thompson 1879-1959

[40] Avis L. Pinkham b Oct 18, 1913 d Aug 12, 1987; dau of Willis Pinkham 1872-1956 & Bertha Thompson 1879-1959

[41] Edward Rowe b 1933 d unknown; son of Charles S. Rowe 1901-1937 & Avis L. Pinkham 1913-1987

[42] Charles Rowe b 1936 d unknown son of Charles S. Rowe 1901-1937 & Avis L. Pinkham 1913-1987

[43] Leroy Rowe b 1938 d unknown; son of Charles S. Rowe 1901-1937 & Avis L. Pinkham 1913-1987

[44] Charles S. Rowe b 1901 d 1937; son of Charles T. Rowe 1868-1935 & Adelia S. Fletcher 1874-1916

[45] Charles T. Rowe b 1868 d 1935; son of Thomas F. Rowe 1835-1920 & Alvira J. Pond 1836-1908

[46] Adelia S. Fletcher b Nov 27, 1874 d Mar 11, 1916; dau of Amelia Weston Fletcher 1847-1917 & Unknown

[47] Harold Oscar Getchell b Oct 10, 1921 d Sep 9, 1982; son of Harold O. Getchell 1893-1937 & Vivian Edna Pooler 1897-1972

[48] Kathleen M. Pinkham b Aug 21, 1916 d Oct 10, 1970; dau of Willis J. Pinkham 1872-1956 & Bertha C. Thompson 1879-1959

[49] Lou E. Wentworth b Jul 7, 1908 d Jul 26, 1994; son of Alonzo Wentworth 1870-1959 & Polly L. Dow 1876-1940+

[50] Leon Earl Rowe b Jul 23, 1900 d 1940+; son of Charles T. Rowe 1868-1930+ & Adelia S. Fletcher 1874-1916

[51] Wilfred M. Savoy b Jan 10, 1921 d Nov 5, 1991; son of Martin S. Savoy 1895-1989 & Mazy E. Pinkham 1902-1940+

[52] Fred E. Whiting b Dec 20, 1923 d Aug 18, 1987; son of George Whiting 1895-1965 & Gladys Hunt 1897-1991

[53] Thomas Neill b Sep 29, 1907 d Sep 1, 1981; son of Thomas Neill 1876-1930+ & Sarah Johnston 1884-1967

[54] Gloria J. Savoy b Jul 6, 1945; dau of Mildred Whiting 1927-1972 & Thomas Neill 1907-1981

[55] Archibald Ross b Jan 31, 1882 d May 24, 1955; son of Charles Ross 1856-1933 & Martha Thompson 1860-1895

[56] Maxine A. Ross b Jul 4, 1916 d Jul 14, 2001; dau of Archibald Ross 1882-1955 & Florence Webber 1886-1967

[57] Francis G. Jones b May 8, 1916 d May 7, 1988; son of Frederick Jones 1896-1974 & Yuba Berry 1897-1916

[58] Willard L. Savoy b Jul 10, 1946 d Feb 6, 2017; son of Wilfred M. Savoy 1921-1991 & Mildred E. Whiting 1927-1972

[59] Esther M. Stein b Jul 25, 1900 d Apr 20, 1988; dau of Oliver J. Stein 1859-1930+ & Emma Sophia Richards 1857-1933

[60] Edward R. Brittingham b Jul 9, 1895 d Feb 27, 1948; son of Edward L. Brittingham 1861-1933 & May Wilhelm

[61] Ned R. Brittingham b Jun 25, 1928 d Feb 12, 2010; son of Esther Stein 1900-1988 & Edward Raymond Brittingham 1895-1948

[62] Alexander Marion Encelewski b Dec 11, 1909 d May 30, 1960; son of Alexander Encelewski 1880-1965 & Rozalia Zamerecka 1892-1980 

[63] Marion Emma Encelewski b Jun 15, 1934; dau of Esther Stein 1900-1988 & Marion Encelewski 1909-1960

[64] Grassim Oskolkoff b Oct 14, 1926 d May 26, 1998; son of Michael Oskolkoff 1893-1981 & Matuska Zoya Darien 1902-1984

[65] Theodore E. Weiler b 1933 d aft 2013; son of Nicholas T. Weiler 1907-1987 & Elsa Elizabeth Bartelt 1906-1990

[66] Mary Peters b 1926 d unknown; dau of Moses Peters 1896-1977 & Hannah William 1906-1942+

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