Wilkinson Surname Project in Maine and Northern New England

Donald and Janet Wilkinson, photographed in Salem, Massachusetts about 1905

Wilkinson Surname Project in Northern New England

It seems that everyone is familiar with the Wilkinsons of Rhode Island and the book “Memoirs of the Wilkinson Family in America” written in 1869 by the Reverend Israel Wilkinson. It outlines the descendants of Lawrence Wilkinson, one of the original settlers at Providence, and it also includes several other Wilkinson lines in Massachusetts. However, no book has ever been written about the Wilkinsons of New Hampshire and Maine.

It seems that the first Wilkinson in my lineage was Thomas, born about 1690, and his marriage to Elizabeth Caverly in August 1715 in Portsmouth, New Hampshire lists him as “from London.” He appears in the New Hampshire Provincial Papers as a proprietor of Barrington, and as a workman at Fort William and Mary. He was taxed in Portsmouth in 1727 and 1732, when he seems to have disappeared from the records. His son is listed as “William Wilkinson, son of Elizabeth, Oct. 17, 1736” in the records of the South Church of Portsmouth. Later his wife remarried to Phillip Jewel on 27 November 1739.

Through his son James Wilkinson, born about 1730 and married to Hannah Mead sometime before 1753, I have a long family tree that grows all along the Piscataqua Region of Maine and New Hampshire, with the descendants moving to the Berwicks, Sanford, Rochester and as far north as Conway, and as far west as around Lake Winnipesaukee. My own branch came to Massachusetts in the 1820’s when Aaron Wilkinson of South Berwick married Mercy F. Wilson on 23 June 1829 in Danvers, Massachusetts.

However, living in the same region of New Hampshire was a man named Samuel Wilkinson, who was born about 1722, and died in 1795 in Deerfield or Epping. He had at least three children, who were all mentioned in deed signed in 1796: Benning Wilkinson of Allenstown, John Wilkinson or Deerfield, and a daughter, Sarah Wallis of Epping. Samuel served in the revolution at age 58 years under Brigadier General John Glover. Was Samuel another son of Thomas? A brother? A cousin? He must have been some sort of relation due to the time and proximity to where Thomas’s family lived.

Through Benning Wilkinson there is another large family tree of descendants that lived near Lake Winnipesaukee. Benning died in Center Harbor in 1851, and his twelve children died in Laconia, Gilford, Campton, etc. One of Benning’s descendants married one of Thomas’s descendants- was this a cousin marriage?

As my list of Wilkinson births, marriages, deaths, deeds and newsclippings from New Hampshire and Maine grows and grows, slowly I am able to place nearly all the Wilkinsons into either Thomas’s tree or Benning’s tree. What would really be great would be to find the one clue that ties Thomas to Samuel and Benning Wilkinson.

Wilkinson Line A

Samuel Wilkinson born about 1722, died about 1795 in Deerfield or Epping, New Hampshire, wife unknown, children:
1. Benning Wilkinson born about 1764, Epping and died on 20 October 1851 in Center Harbor. Married to Deborah Langley on 4 Dec 1786 in Northwood, New Hampshire. She was born on 17 Jul 1765 in Nottingham and died 20 August 1845 in Center Harbor.

1. Hannah m. Benjamin Perkins 26 November 1809 in New Hampton
2. Jonathan m. Melinda George 1 January 1828 in Gilford
3. Rhoda born 1787 married Benjamin Libby about 1805
4. Susan born 1789 married Charles Huckins about 1815
5. Bradbury born 1793 married Hannah Huckins 23 January 1820
6. Charlotte born 1794 married Samuel Fogg 21 March 1816
7. Benning, Jr. born 1797 married Clarissa Johnson 3 Augusut 1823
8. Samuel B., born about 1800 married Eliza Harper Smith 28 Dec 1824
9. John A., married Miram Clough 29 Dec 1803
10. Jacob R, born 1 Jan 1805 on Stonedam Island, married Leah A. Rundlett on 25 June 1825
11. Leah, born about 1808 married Jonathan Johnson Lovejoy in 1827
12. Rachel, born 1810 married Richard Hadley 4 August 1833

2. John
3. Sarah, married to Spencer Wallis, born about 3 June 1734 in Portsmouth, son of William Wallis and Comfort Cotton. Four children all removed to Tunbridge, Vermont.

Wilkinson Line B

Thomas Wilkinson, born about 1690 in England and died before 1739, married to Elizabeth Caverly in August 1715 in Portsmouth. She was the daughter of William Caverly and Mary Abbott, born about 1696 in Portsmouth. Children:

1. William born 17 Oct 1736 in Portsmouth
2. James born about 1730 and died between 1796 and 1805 in Berwick, Maine. He was married 1. to Hannah Mead before 1753, daughter of Thomas Mead and Hannah Stilson, born on 9 August 1730 in Wakefield, New Hampshire. He married 2. Mary Unknown.

1. James G., born 31 December 1753 in Newington and died 4 March 1827 in Alton, married 1. Mary Unknown before 1775 (eight children), married 2. Rebecca Whitehouse 2 Feb 1798 in Wolfborough (two children), married 3. Lydia Rand on 2 August 1812 in Alton.
2. Anna, born 16 June 1754 in Newington, died before 1840, married 1. Samuel Hearle on 4 Mar 1779 in Berwick, Maine (five children), married 2. James Urban on 6 May 1796 in Waterborough, Maine.
3. Joseph, born before 8 May 1757 in Berwick, Maine, died 26 August 1842 in Sanford, Maine, married Dorcas Nason on 23 Nov 1782 in Berwick. She was the daughter of William Nason and Abigail Wadleigh, born about 1761 and died 22 January 1849 in Sanford.
4. George, born about 1761 and died 1846, married Mehitable Whitehouse on 12 January 1785 in South Berwick. At least two children.
5. Samuel, born 1761, married Hannah Turner on 27 November 1785 in South Berwick.
6. Daniel, born 1764 and died between 1850 and 1860, married to Hannah Weymouth on 27 August 1792 in South Berwick. She was born about 1772 in South Berwick, and died on 18 December 1845 in Effingham, New Hampshire. Six children.
7. William married Mercy Nason on 7 February 1788 in South Berwick. She was born about 1764 in Kittery, daughter of Richard Nason and Mary Thompson. They had at least three sons, possibly more unrecorded children.

William Wilkinson and Mercy Nason were the parents of Aaron Wilkinson, born on 22 February 1802 in South Berwick. He died in Peabody, Massachusetts in 25 November 1879, married to Mercy F. Wilson on 23 June 1829 and producing eleven children. Aaron and Mercy are my 3x great grandparents.

Copyright 2009, Heather Wilkinson Rojo

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Comment by Ann Frey on February 28, 2011 at 3:25pm
I am a descendant of Mary Weymouth Wilkinson, who I just learned was a daughter of Daniel Wilkinson and Hannah Weymouth. Mary was married twice, first to Isaac Waldron, and second, to William Henry Plummer. I would be interested in any information you have on her siblings, and would be happy to share information on her descendants, if you are interested.
Comment by Heather Wilkinson Rojo on February 28, 2011 at 3:43pm

Hi Ann,

Yes, I would be interested in knowing the names of her children and descendants.  Do you need information on the Wilkinsons?  I don't yet know which Weymouth family she belongs to, but I'm working on it!

Heather Wilkinson Rojo

Comment by Ann Frey on February 28, 2011 at 6:45pm

Hi, Heather,

I am interested in any and all information you have about the Wilkinsons.  I'll compile a list of my branch. Meanwhile, most of my info is on the public "Toner" family tree on Ancestry.com

Comment by Heather Wilkinson Rojo on February 28, 2011 at 7:06pm
Do you have a private email address?  I can send you a word file with a lot of information on the Wilkinsons.
Comment by Ann Frey on February 28, 2011 at 7:17pm
I've sent you a "friend" request so we can exchange emails.
Comment by Linda Longley on September 13, 2015 at 3:56am

I am interested in Deborah Langley who married Benning Wilkinson for a Langley family Directory that I'm writing. I have Benning's military/pension records (fold3), Meredith NH Annals & Genealogies (Hanaford), their marriage record, the Simmons College "Notes of the Wilkinson Family" by Mrs. B. J. Wilkinson, 1940, Tuck Library, NH Historical Society, the DAR record on Ancestry, various records for their children and, of course, this page on mainegenealogy. After your years of working on this line have I missed any important sources to cite? Thanks for your time. 

Comment by Skip Bryant on February 10, 2019 at 5:03am

Every clue that surrounds my Wilkinson ancestor Saloma Wilkinson Bryant b abt 1816 goes back to Ichabod Wilkinson and Nancy Peavy, but no birth record for Saloma has ever been found.The founding of the Free -Will Baptist movement is intertwined with this family and the areas of Afton and Eaton, NH. The 1859 migration of Saloma and her family to Michigan is associated with renowned Free- Will minister from NH Charles Blunt Mills. Still want any clues members have that point toward Saloma's heritage. Her brothers absolutely were Jeremiah (Jerry) and John Wilkinson that migrated from Portland, ME to Iowa. Jerry visited Saloma in Kirtland ,OH in 1852, and he visited Michigan (from Iowa)in 1887. Is there anyone who can place Jeremiah and John in 1800-20's Wilkinson families in NH or ME??

Comment by Skip Bryant on February 10, 2019 at 5:14am

Follow up to previous comment about Saloma Wilkinson brothers Jeremiah and John. This is all I have.


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