William Henry Smart 1846-1927


Smart Pedigree

Eliphalet Loton Smart 1803-1873 and Susan Robbins 1804-1881

Eliphalet Smart 1770-1812 and Sally Bailey 1771-

Robert Smart 1741-1818 and Sarah Norris 1741-1841

Joseph Smart 1700-1754 and Mary Marston 1710-1754

Robert Smart Jr. 1646-1718 and Eleanor “Elnel” Pratley 1646-1699

Robert Smart 1620-1703 and Ann?

John Smart 1590-1650 and Margaret Scudder 1590-1650


Robbins Pedigree

Susan Robbins 1804-1881 and Eliphalet Loton Smart 1803-1873

Reverend Daniel Robbins Jr. 1760-1838 and Mehitable Fish 1766-1842



          William Henry Smart[1] was born in Parkman, Maine, the youngest of fourteen children, born to Eliphalet Loton Smart[2] and Susan Robbins[3], who were married on March 6, 1825 in Leeds, Maine.


          Eliphalet and Susan Smart had a daughter, Rozilla Smart[4], born only 3 months after the wedding. Rozilla died as an infant and six years later they named another daughter, Rozilla. A son, Augustus E. Smart[5], also died as a baby. Augustus E. Smart was the twin brother of Gustavus E. L. Smart[6]. Eliphalet and Susan Smart also had two unnamed baby girls[7] and another daughter, Mary A. Smart[8], who died at age three.


          Eliphalet Loton Smart was born in Monmouth, Maine, the son of Eliphalet Smart[9] and Sally Bailey[10], who married September 20, 1795, according to the History of the Town of Hanover, Massachusetts, with Family Genealogies. The History and Records of St. Andrews Church of Scituate, Massachusetts reports that the wedding took place at the home of Mrs. Thompson of Scituate.


          During the first US Census in 1790, Eliphelat [sic] Smart is enumerated in Maine at Wales Plantation, Lincoln County. He is still single, but lives next door to brother James Smart, also single and a Robert Smart, who has five inhabitants in his household. This Robert Smart is most likely James’ and Eliphalet’s father, but they do have a brother named Robert Smart[11] and another brother, Levi Smart[12].


          From the Illustrated History of Kennebec County, Maine; 1625-1799-1892, Part 2: “Levi Smart was born in 1780, in New Hampshire and came to Monmouth, Me., with his father Robert, who settled on Smart’s hill, on the stage road between Winthrop and Lewiston, whence Levi removed to Vassalboro, where he died in 1853.”


          Robert Smart, the elder, had a farm of about 40 acres and paid the least amount of taxes of all the residents in Monmouth. General Henry Dearborn[13], a Revolutionary War Veteran, is listed as paying the most taxes in town, owning 430 acres.


          In 1800, in Monmouth, Eliphalet Smart is enumerated with his wife and four children, one son and three daughters, all under 5 years old. In 1810, the Eliphalet Smart family has increased to three sons and one daughter under 5, with three daughters ages 5-10.


          From the History of Monmouth and Wales[14], regarding the relationship between Eliphalet Smart, the elder and General Dearborn:


“There were dudes in those days. Among them was Eliphalet Smart, "a very smart feeling Smart," in the words of the one who began this work. While all his neighbors were content to wear coarse tow shirt fronts, Smart strutted around the clearings with a ruffled bosom. When General Dearborn raised his barn, all the men in the settlement were invited and quite a number came from Gardiner. “Life" Smart, as he was generally dubbed, appeared, as usual, arrayed in a profusion of starchy ruffles. If there was anything in the world the General hated it was ostentation, and to see this sprig of the backwoods swelling around was more than his unpretentious nature could stand.


He thought he saw a way to drop him a few degrees from his loftiness, and was not slow to improve the opportunity. The day was as warm as the timber was heavy and the General ordered the men to remove their coats that they might work to greater advantage. Every man in the crowd instantly obeyed except "Life,''' who tried hard to appear as if he did not hear the order. The General repeated his words and added, “I won't have a man around this frame who won't take his coat off."


Under the fluffy ruffles of "Life" Smart's shirt-front a terrible struggle took place; but his fondness for the coming treat of rum and molasses finally conquered his pride and dignity and with reluctance he removed his coat, exhibiting a snowy-white ruffle, starched and polished with evident care, basted to a black tow shirt that showed signs of intimacy with the labor of piling smutty logs.


The shouts of the spectators by no means alleviated poor Life's discomfiture and a committee appointed for the purpose of deciding which of the two, the shirt or its wearer, exhibited the most streaked appearance, would have awarded one the first preference and

declared the other worthy of honorable mention.”


            Eliphalet Smart, died a young man, at age 42 and it is unclear what may have happened to his wife, Sarah (Bailey) Smart. Their son, Eliphalet L. Smart, left Monmouth and removed to Parkman before 1830, where he and his wife, have two sons under the age of 5.


          Eliphalet L. Smart, still is in Parkman in 1840, with his wife and seven of their children. Two boys under 5, one age 5-10, two 10-15 and two daughters age 5-10. More children would be born before 1850.


          In 1850, in Parkman, Eliphalet L. Smart 47, Susan 45 and their nine children: Albion K. P. Smart[15] 23, Enoch Y. [sic] Smart[16] 20, Rosilla [sic] Smart[17] 19, Gustavus E. L. Smart 16, Helen Augusta Smart[18] 15, Charles A. Smart[19] 13, Everett L. Smart[20] 10, Susan Smart[21] 8 and William H. Smart 3. Everett L. Smart would soon die at the age of 14.


          There are no Census records found for this family in 1860.


          On May 24, 1866, Susan Smart married Jesse Kimball in Parkman, Maine. Jesse Kimball[22] was born in Clinton, Maine, the son of Robert Moody Kimball[23] and Mary Reynolds Packard[24]. Susan Kimball died at age 57 in Cambridge, Maine of “Cancer of the Breast and Abdomen”.


          On October 15, 1903, Jesse Kimball 60 married Avis Skillin [sic] 38 in Dexter, Maine, where they lived until his death at age 73.


          The obituary of Jesse Kimball is available here printed in The Eastern Gazette from the January 25, 1917 edition, on page 8 at:



“Friends in Dexter and nearby towns, of Jesse Kimball are learning with deep regret of his death, which occurred at his home on Forest street

Tuesday afternoon, at the age of 73 years.


The deceased was born in the town of Clinton where he lived until young manhood.  At the outbreak of the Civil war he enlisted and served in the Union army four years and five months.  During that time, he fought in some of the most memorable battles of the war. 


In 1866 Mr. Kimball was united in marriage to Miss Susan Smart of Parkman. They made their home in Cambridge for many years. To them were born two sons, Rev. Daniel Kimball[25] of Sedgwick and George M. Kimball[26] of Rialto, Cal.  In 1891 (actually in 1901) Mrs. Kimball died and in 1903 Mr. Kimball was united in marriage with Miss Avis Skillings[27] who has tenderly cared for him during his declining years.


Mr. and Mrs. Kimball came to Dexter about ten or twelve years ago.

Mr. Kimball was a member of Penobscot lodge F. and A. M. and of Hiram Safford Post, G. A. R.  He was interested in the Baptist church, respected and liked by all who knew him.  For several years he conducted a variety store in the building now occupied by John Dyer in the grocery business and was connected with the Dexter co-operative store for some time.


Six years ago, he suffered a slight shock of paralysis and retired from business and since that time he has been an invalid confined to his home for the greater part of the time, where he bore with great patience his affliction and appreciated everything that was done for him. Two years ago, he suffered a second shock and Saturday evening a third shock, which rendered him unconscious.


Mrs. Kimball has cared for him very tenderly during his long period of disability and everything that could be done for his comfort and amusement was done.


After the third shock Saturday evening, he failed rapidly, not being able to speak for two days.  The end came Tuesday afternoon.  Funeral services will be held from the house Friday morning at 10 o'clock and Rev. Rinaldo Olds, assisted by Rev. Mr. Sauer will officiate.


Mr. Kimball is survived by his wife, Avis Kimball, by his two sons, Daniel and George and two brothers, Robert of this town and George of Ripley, who have the sincere sympathy of all in their bereavement.”


          On October 6, 1866 in Cambridge, Maine, William H. Smart married Mary P. Parker. Intentions were filed in Parkman on September 30, 1866. William H. and Mary P. Smart had six children, born in Parkman: Eliphalet Loton Smart[28], Susan M. Smart[29], John Henry Smart[30], Jesse Thomas Smart[31], Myra A. Smart[32] and Annie R. Smart[33].


          Mary Priscilla Parker[34] was born in Guilford, Maine, the oldest child of William T. Parker and Susan E. Leeman, who were married there on July 9, 1844 and had three children.


          In 1850, in Guilford, William T. Parker[35] 33 and Susan E. Parker 30, live with their three children, Mary P. Parker 4, William H. Parker[36] 2 and Julia M. Parker[37] 0.


          In 1860, Mary P. Parker 13, lives in Guilford, Maine with parents Wm T. Parker 42 and Susan E. Parker 40, their other children Wm H. L. Parker 12, Julia M. Parker 10 and Arvesta S. E. Parker[38] 7.


          On September 17, 1870, in Parkman, Arvesty [sic] S. Parker married L. W. Pitts[39]. They divorced and on June 20, 1895, Arvesty S. Parker 42 married Hiram Robinson[40] 50. On June 8, 1912, in Dexter, Arvesta S. Parker Pitts 60 married for a third time to Abram Sharp[41] 67.


          On November 9, 1870, Julia M. Parker was married to Robert M. Kimball[42] in Cambridge, Maine. Robert Moody Kimball was born in Clinton, Maine, the son of Robert M. Kimball and Mary Reynolds Packard. Robert Kimball was the younger brother of Jesse Kimball, Susan Smart’s husband.


          In 1870, in Parkman, Wm H. Smart 23 and wife, Mary Smart 24 have a child called Elizabeth Smart, age 1. This is no doubt, Eliphalet L. Smart, who was born the year before the Census.


          In 1880, in Parkman, William H. Smart and wife, Mary P. Smart, both 33, live with five of their children, ages 1 to 11: Myra A. 1, Jesse T. 2, John H. 7, Susan M. 9 and Eliphalet L. Smart 11. Annie Smart, the youngest child of William and Mary, was born after the Census.


          Myra A. Smart died in Parkman at the age of 4 and her older sister, Susan M. Smart, died there, about three years later, at age 15.


          In 1900, Mary P. Smart 50, lives with her sister Julia M. Kimball 50, head of household Melvin D. Kimball 55. Two of Mary’s children, John H. Smart 27 and Annie R. Smart 19 also live there in Dexter, Maine.


          Annie Rozilla Smart 22, a resident of Dexter, married David Henry Pollard[43] 25, a resident of Winnepauk, Connecticut, on September 23, 1903 in Parkman. David was born in Johnstown, Pennsylvania and is employed as a Teacher. The son of David and Annie Pollard, Anson J. Pollard[44], published a book in 1985, entitled “Eliphalet Loton and Susan (Robbins) Smart of Parkman, Maine: their ancestors and descendants”.


          On June 29, 1946, Anson J. Pollard married his first cousin, Doris A. Smart[45] in New Britain, Connecticut. Doris A. Smart was the daughter of Jesse T. Smart (son of William H. Smart) and Jessie May Hamilton[46], who were married in Parkman on January 25, 1904. Doris A. Smart had moved from Parkman to Connecticut before 1940.


          It is unclear when William H. Smart and, Mary P. Smart separated, but the June 1, 1900 Census in Harmony lists "Divorced" head of household, William H. Smart, age 54 as living with two “Boarders”, Lony [sic] Cook, age 5 and her mother “Lizzie” Cook, age 39 "Single”.


          William H. Smart married Viola E. “Lizzie” Cook[47] on November 6, 1900 in Harmony.  It was her first marriage, although she already had two illegitimate children: Vidella M. Cook[48]  and Lona B. Cook[49].


          About six months after her marriage to William Smart, Viola gave birth to their stillborn son on June 18, 1901 in Harmony.


          Almost two years later another stillborn male child was born on June 10, 1903, also in Harmony. Curiously, the child born in 1901 is listed as 1st and the child born in 1903 is listed as 3rd. Perhaps, there was another stillborn child born in the early summer of 1902?


          In 1910, in Harmony, William H. Smart is known as William H. Swart [sic] 63, with wife, Viola E. Swart [sic] 50 and Lona Cook is known as Louie B. Swart [sic] 15, “Daughter” to William, head of household.


          Lona Cook may have been adopted by her step-father, William H. Smart before her marriage to Howard Nathen McCauseland[50]. Or Lona might have actually been the biological daughter of William H. Smart.

          Lona Smart, daughter of Viola Cook and Wm. Smart married Howard N. McCausland on November 15, 1913 in Pittsfield, Maine.


          In 1920, still in Harmony, William Smart 73, lives with wife Viola Smart 58. William Smart is a Farmer, with a mortgage. He and Viola are both able to read and write English according to this Census report.


          William H. Smart died at 80, in Parkman and is buried with his second wife, Viola E. Cook, in the Pingree Center Cemetery in Parkman. His widow, Viola continued to live in Harmony until her death.


          In 1930, Viola E. Smart is a "roomer" living with the family of Fred G. Piper[51] and Frances M. Piper[52] in Harmony.  Viola is a 69-year-old widow.  In 1940, she is known as Lizie [sic] Smart, 80 widowed living with her hired hand Wilbur Staples[53], age 40 in Harmony.


          Viola Elizabeth (Cook) Smart died in Harmony at age 83.

[1] William H. Smart b Oct 1, 1846 d Sep 9, 1927; son of Eliphalet Smart 1802-1873 & Susan Robbins 1804-1881

[2] Deacon Eliphalet L. Smart b Jul 18, 1802 d Jan 11, 1873; son of Eliphalet Smart 1770-1812 & Sally Bailey 1775-

[3] Susannah Robbins b Jun 12, 1804 d Oct 27, 1881; dau of Rev Daniel Robbins Jr. 1758-1838 & Mehitable Fish -1842

[4] Rozilla Smart b Jun 23, 1825 d Aug 19, 1826; dau of William H. Smart 1846-1927 & Mary P. Parker 1846-1915

[5] Augustus E. Smart b Jul 23, 1833 d Oct 9, 1834; son of Eliphalet Smart 1803-1873 & Susan Robbins 1804-1881

[6] Gustavus E.L. Smart b Jul 23, 1833 d 1923; son of Eliphalet Smart 1803-1873 & Susan Robbins 1804-1881

[7] Inf Daus Smart d Feb 12, 1839 & d Aug 13, 1851; daus of Eliphalet Smart 1803-1873 & Susan Robbins 1804-1881

[8] Mary A. Smart b Nov 4, 1844 d Jul 24, 1848; dau of Eliphalet Smart 1803-1873 & Susan Robbins 1804-1881

[9] Eliphalet Smart b 1770 d 1812; son of Robert Smart 1737-1818 & Sarah Norris 1741-1819

[10] Sally Bailey b 1771 d unknown; dau of Charles Bailey 1734-1810 & Elizabeth “Bette” Palmer 1734-1800

[11] Robert Smart b 1782 d Mar 24, 1863; son of Robert Smart 1737-1818 & Sarah Norris 1741-1819

[12] Levi Smart b 1780 d May 25, 1853; son of Robert Smart 1741-1818 & Sarah Norris 1741-1841

[13] Henry Dearborn b Feb 23, 1751 d Jun 9, 1829; son of Simon Dearborn 1706-1750 & Sarah Marston 1706-1775

[14] History of Monmouth and Wales; by Harry Hayman Cochrane, originally published in 1860

[15] Albion K.P. Smart b Oct 2, 1826 d May 9, 1909; son of Eliphalet Smart 1803-1873 & Susan Robbins 1804-1881

[16] Enoch Tupper Smart b Sep 2, 1829 d Mar 30, 1906; son of Eliphalet Smart 1803-1873 & Susan Robbins 1804-1881

[17] Rozilla Smart Addition b Mar 13, 1832 d Apr 3, 1905; dau of Eliphalet Smart 1803-1873 & Susan Robbins 1804-1881

[18] Helen A. Smart Brown b Apr 15, 1835 d Sep 21, 1922; dau of Eliphalet Smart 1803-1873 & Susan Robbins 1804-1881

[19] Charles A. Smart b Apr 28, 1836 d Jan 14, 1913; son of Eliphalet Smart 1803-1873 & Eliza Tupper?

[20] Everett L. Smart b 1840 d Mar 10, 1854; son of Eliphalet Smart 1803-1873 & Susan Robbins 1804-1881

[21] Susan Smart b Nov 24, 1843 d Feb 2, 1901; dau of Eliphalet Smart 1803-1873 & Susan Robbins 1804-1881

[22] Jesse Kimball b Jun 29, 1843 d Jan 23, 1917; son of Robert M. Kimball 1805-1885 & Mary R. Packard Moody 1804-1891

[23] Robert M. Kimball b Feb 13, 1805 d May 1, 1885; son of Jesse Kimball 1774-1818 & Hannah Cox -1814

[24] Mary R. Packard b Mar 23, 1804 d Jul 29, 1891; dau of Meletiah 1773-1870+ & Barnabas Packard 1772-1850+

[25] Daniel Webster Kimball b Dec 1869 d 1946; son of Jesse Kimball 1843-1917 & Susan Smart 1843-1901

[26] George Moody Kimball b Apr 8, 1874 d Feb 27, 1966; son of Jesse Kimball 1843-1917 & Susan Smart 1843-1901

[27] Avis Skillin b 1866 d May 2, 1940; dau of Francis M. Skillin 1838-1921 & Nancy Etta Cole 1847-1880+

[28] Eliphalet L. Smart b May 18, 1869 d 1942; son of William H. Smart 1846-1927 & Mary P. Parker 1846-1915

[29] Susan M. Smart b Mar 15, 1871 d Jun 9, 1886; dau of William H. Smart 1846-1927 & Mary P. Parker 1846-1915

[30] John Henry. Smart b Apr 18, 1873 d 1942; son of William H. Smart 1846-1927 & Mary P. Parker 1846-1915

[31] Jesse T. Smart b Aug 11, 1877 d Jan 22, 1953; son of William H. Smart 1846-1927 & Mary P. Parker 1846-1915

[32] Myra A. Smart b May 24, 1879 d Dec 9, 1883; dau of William H. Smart 1846-1927 & Mary P. Parker 1846-1915

[33] Annie R. Smart b May 20, 1881 d Sep 5, 1964; dau of William H. Smart 1846-1927 & Mary P. Parker 1846-1915

[34] Mary Priscilla Parker b Jul 1846 d Jul 15, 1915; dau of William T. Parker 1817-1899 & Susan E. Leeman 1820-1893

[35] William Parker b Aug 27, 1817 d 1893 or Jan 4, 1899; son of William Parker 1794-1850+ & Priscilla Wormell 1797-1850+

[36] William Henry Parker b 1848 d 1887; son of William T. Parker 1817-1899 & Susan E. Leeman 1820-1893

[37] Julia M. Parker b Jun 12, 1850 d Jan 15, 1913; dau of William T. Parker 1817-1899 & Susan E. Leeman 1820-1893

[38] Arvesta S.E. Parker b 1853 d 1921+; dau of William T. Parker 1817-1899 & Susan E. Leeman 1820-1893

[39] Wallace L. Pitts b 1849 d 1889+; son of Elisha/Elijah G. Pitts 1824-1899 & Eliza Ann Gilbert 1829-1850+

[40] Hiram Robinson b Sep 13, 1835 d Nov 10, 1903; son of Benjamin W. Robinson 1805-1879 & Delana Robinson 1807-1861

[41] Abraham Sharpe b Feb 22, 1845 d Nov 19, 1921; born in England, son of Joseph Sharp & Rebecca Marshall

[42] Robert M. Kimball b May 22, 1845 d Feb 10, 1932; son of Robert M. Kimball 1805-1885 & Mary R. Packard 1804-1891

[43] David Henry Pollard b Oct 21,1877 d Apr 29, 1953; son of David Pollard 1841-1917 & Agnes A. Orcutt 1845-1902

[44] Dr. Anson John Pollard b Apr 25, 1914 d Sep 14, 1998; son of David H. Pollard 1877-1953 & Annie R. Smart 1881-1964

[45] Doris A. Smart b 1910 d unknown; dau of Jesse T. Smart 1877-1953 & Jessie M. Hamilton 1881-1963

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[47] Viola Elizabeth Cook b Feb 17, 1861 d Mar 21, 1944; dau of Samuel Cook 1829-1910 & Susannah Hunt 1830-1870+

[48] Vidella M. Cook b Oct 15, 1877 d Feb 11, 1901; dau of Viola E. Cook 1861-1944 & Fred W. Tripp 1858-1907

[49] Lona B. Cook b Apr 1895 d 1953+; dau of Viola Cook 1861-1944 & Unknown or William H. Smart 1846-1927

[50] Howard N. McCausland b 1888 d 1955; son of Nathan H. McCausland 1819-1895 & Olive D. Reynolds 1862-1940

[51] Fred G. Piper b Sep 26, 1897 d Jul 19, 1974; son of George H. Piper 1861-1930+ & Annie Esther Wiggins Ohlsson 1863-1933

[52] Frances Mae Dore b Mar 22, 1907 d Jun 5, 2001; dau of Arnold Dore 1877-1957 & Vivian Whittier 1883-1927

[53] Wilbur C. Staples b Jan 20, 1899 d May 30, 1967; son of Elmer T. Staples 1861-1938 & Lulie B. Tibbetts 1868-1911

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