I first published this list a few years back, but in honor of the

4th of July I'm publishing it again.We know about Washington

and Knox and Lafayette, but we should never forget that it

was the unknown citizens who served under them who fought

and bled to win us all our freedom.

The italicized names are those whose Pension Files I've found.

I've already shared some of their stories here and plan to do so

with the rest, starting with Elisha Houghton next.

Jonathan Barker Jr.

Was a Minuteman from Methuen Ma with the rank of Sergeant. He

was at Lexington and Concord with his sons Jonathan (see below)

and Samuel. Served in Captain Samuel Johnson's Company in

Colonel Titcomb's Regiment for 2 months in 1777 in Rhode Island

and then with Nathaniel Gage' Company in Colonel Jacob Gerrish's

guards from Dec 1777 until April 1778 guarding the captured

troops of General Burgoyne.

Jonathan Barker 3rd

Enlisted on 19 Apr 1775 in Continental Army, Capt. John Davis'

Company, Col. James Frye's Regiment, in the Massachusetts line

for 8 months in Cambridge, Ma. At the conclusion of the term, he

reenlisted for another 3 months in Capt John Allen's Company,

Colonel John Waldron's Regiment, General Sullivan's Brigade in

the New Hampshire Brigade at Charlestown, Ma. He then enlisted a

third time in June 1778 at Methuen, Ma., joining Captain Samuel

Carr's Company, Col. James Weston's Regiment, in General Lerned's

Brigade at White Plains, N.Y. and serving for another 9 months.

John Ames

Was a Minuteman under Capt. Asa Parker on April 19th, 1775. He

subsequently enlisted in the Continental Army under Captain Oliver

Parker, Col. William Prescott's Regiment and in the Brigade that

was commanded in turn by Generals Putnam, Lee, and Washington.

and served for 8 1/2 months.

Asa Barrows

A member of the militia from Middleborough , Ma. (south of

Boston) in the Company of Captain Joshua Benson, in Colonel

Cotton's Regiment, and General William Heath's Brigade for

8 months during the siege of Boston. In December 1776 he

joined a militia Company commanded by Captain Joshua

Perkins and marched to Barrington, R.I. and was stationed there

for 6 weeks. In July 1780 he again enlisted, this time in a militia

company commanded by Captain Perez Churchill that marched

to Tiverton, R.I.

Moses Coburn

Moses Coburn got into the War late and by reason of being

"hired by a certain class of men in the then town of Dunstable

to go into the Continental Army in the summer of 1781." When

he reached Phillipsburgh in New York he was placed in Captain

Benjamin Pike's Company, in the Regiment of the Massachusetts

line commanded by Lt. Colonel Calvin Smith in which he served

for nearly two years until it was broken up. He then transferred to

the Company of Judah Alden in the Regiment commanded by

Colonel Sprouts until his discharge in 1783.

Samuel Haskell

Samuel served in Captain Joseph Elliott's Company in Colonel

William Turner's Regiment and then under Captain Hezekiah

Whitney in Colonel Josiah Whitney's Regiment.

Amos Hastings

Amos responded to the Lexington Alarm as part of Captain

Richard Ayer's Company and Colonel William Johnson's Regiment.

He later served in Captain Timothy Eaton's Company in Colonel

Edward Wigglesworth's Regiment and was at the taking of the

British General Burgoyne at Ticonderoga.

Elisha Houghton

Enlisted at Harvard Ma as a Private in May of 1777in the

Massachusetts militia and was at the Battles of Bunker Hill

and Stillwater. He then enlisted for three years in the infantry

company commanded by Captain Joshua Brown in Colonel

Timothy Bigelow's 15th Regiment of the Massachusetts line.

and took part in the Battles of Monmouth and Newport and was

at Valley Forge. He twice was promoted to Sergeant and twice

was busted down to the ranks.

Amos Upton

Responded to the Lexington Alarm and marched there from his

home in Reading. He later joined the militia company commanded

by Captain Asa Prince as an orderly sergeant and then enlisted

for eight months in the Continental Army under Colonel Mansfield

He was at the Battle of Bunker Hill and was discharged in October

of 1775.

John Griffith

Enlisted in 1781 as a Matross (he swabbed out the barrel of the

cannons after they fired, or so I've been told) in Captain William

Treadwell's Company in Colonel John Crane's Artillery Regiment.

Reuben Packard

A Sergeant in Captain Josiah Hayden's Company in Colonel Bailey's

militia. They marched to Lexington at news of the Alarm. He also

responded several more times as a Minuteman for a total of nearly

8 months duty.

Jonathan Abbot

Served as a Sergeant in the Militia under Captain Henry Abbott

and responded to the Lexington Alarm

Besides those direct ancestors, these other relatives fought

in the Revolution:

Moses Barrows, brother to Asa Barrows.

Samuel, Jesse, and Benjamin Barker, sons of Jonathan Barker,

Jr. and brothers to Jonathan Barker 3rd.

James Swan, brother in law to Jonathan Barker 3rd.

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