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At 3:05pm on February 9, 2022, John W Cook said…

Unfortunately Jan, that wasn't me.  I graduated from William A Russell High School in East Point, GA in 1962. The reason I joined mainegenealogy.net was that I thought it might help me find a lady named Linda Fern Longfellow, (B.D. 9/11/1944).who dated a close friend of mine while in the Marine Corp.in the 1970's.  Linda was in the Navy.  My friend was wondering what happened to Linda and I have several search engines I use and offered to help locate Linda.  The last address I found for her was; 3 Augusta Rd., unit C, Topsham, ME  04086.  I gave my friend the information, but I don't know if he tried to contact her.  Anyway, that's how I ended up on mainegenealogy.net  

At 11:12pm on February 16, 2021, Ingrid Gillespie said…

No, in Texas

At 9:44pm on September 19, 2020, michael taylor said…

You too Jan!!!...Strange days these!!

At 6:19pm on November 17, 2017, Gary Lee Allen said…

Jan, do I assume that your comment "Louisa Craig Vickery, the wife of Albert Vickery of Unity was made about 1855. Photo of this lady in Maine Memory Network but could not find what you were searching for..sorry." is what you were able to find in the Auburn Historical society or should I sill contact them?



At 8:27am on November 16, 2017, Gary Lee Allen said…


thanks for the reply.  below is what I just sent to Mary Ann

Mary Ann

My great grandmother was Carrie Earnestine Vickery of Auburn Me.(1865-1904) who married my great grandfather William Edward Allen of Milton Vt. (1844-1910) at the home of her sister Orphra Vickery & Husband George Harmon in Auburn Maine June 27, 1895.  This was Williams second marriage & Carrie's first.  Opera & Carries parents were John Vickery (1825-1894) and Mary  Cobb (1829-1896)  I have photo graphs of William and his father Seymour L. Allen but not of Carrie or her parents.  Do you know of anyone in the Main Genealogy Network that may possess any photos of them.


Gary L. Allen

At 10:18pm on July 30, 2014, Mary Ann Witham said…
Jan, Tragic accident here in Anson/Madison involving a member of the Cummings/Burns family..if you are located in Maine and can get online to the Watererville Morning Sentinel it was in the news on Monday and Tuesday...so sad.
At 8:36am on July 30, 2014, Gary Lee Allen said…


thanks for thinking of me, can you pass the following onto Mary Ann



My great
grandmother was Carrie E. Vickery who married William Edward Allen at the
home of her sister Oprha Louse Vickery who was married to George Harrison
Harmon. They had one child Harrrison Harmon Allen Sr. you can see where they
got the Harrison Harmon from. They had two sons Ethan William Allen and the
other one was my Father Harrison Harmon Allen Jr.
I have been looking for any source that might have photos of Carrie E. Vickery or
any of her ancestors starting with John Vickery & Mary Cobb. Would you have any
of these or know who might.

At 10:12pm on July 29, 2014, Mary Ann Witham said…
Jan, Abilgail Bates married Joseph Dunham and their daughter, Abilgail Dunham married Samuel Hinckley. Their son was Joseph Dunham Hinckley and he married Polly Aspenwald Lake. Their daughter, Florence Hinckley married Lewis Cass Witham. Their son, Charles Herbert Witham married Margaret Barr Mcnaught. . Their son, Neil Lamont Witham married Hilda L. Lishernesses. Their son, Norman Larry Witham married Mary Ann Stolt.

Mary Ann
At 9:57pm on July 29, 2014, Mary Ann Witham said…
Jan, please let Gary ( below) that I have Vickerys in my line in Washington Co., Me.

Mary Ann
At 8:13am on February 17, 2013, Jonathan Barrios said…
hey jan, just got your message! i will have to look into it, haven't been on the hunt but i can see what i have. i also have the family tree on myheritage.com.
At 8:44am on January 30, 2013, Gary Lee Allen said…


do you have any Vickery's among your ancestors or know poeple who do?


At 9:07pm on January 8, 2013, Thomas L. Allen said…

Hey Jan, thank you. This is so cool. I have come here to learn more about my family and to learn of more family. how may we be related?

At 2:48pm on September 27, 2012, Debbi Lawson said…

Hi Jan, nice to meet you...What year is the reunion, does it say?  I'm primarily interested in the Horn side of the family.  I have absolutely nothing on them, but when I was in Maine a few years ago, we saw that there was a Horn Hill in or near Dexter.  I need to go back and spend some time there to find out what I can on them.  I'm hoping someone on this website has some connection to them and might be able to shed some light on them.  Thanks for your reply, I would love to see the picture of the reunion if you can post it!

Sincerely, Debbi Lawson

At 10:02am on July 23, 2012, Marilyn Burns Parylak said…

Good Morning Jan,


I came across this site by accident and been able to forge through one wall in regards to William "Nash" French who was my GG Grandfather.  With that I have continued on to several more generations.

I have been on the search seriously for 25 years and  have considerable data but there is still more to go.


As for the Burns family: I go back to Joseph Burns who came from Cromwall England with Dunbar in 1729 and not able to verify this information any further. 


Thank you for your time.

Marilyn Burns Parylak 


Thank you for ;your interest

At 6:40am on July 15, 2012, Nancy Thompson Gouveia said…

Thank you, Jan!

At 8:12pm on April 10, 2012, Denis Taylor said…

Hi Jan,

I have been at this for a couple of years now, and I very little information. I am stuck on my Grandfather. His name was Frank Monty Taylor. I have his death certificate and it says he was born in Portland, Maine in Feb of 1894. I know he was in Denver, Co in 1936 but can't find anything concrete before that. From what my Father tells me, he was "secretive" about his past. I don't know his parent's names or his social security number.  I am pretty sure my next step should be to get his birth certificate, but not sure how without his parent's info.

At 12:22am on March 21, 2012, Chris Dunham said…

My paternal grandmother was Mae (Coolidge) Dunham from East Bethel. Her father was Wallace Edgar Coolidge, who (as far as I know) is the ancestor of all the Coolidges still living in Bethel.

At 11:24pm on February 6, 2012, Brian Robert Bean said…

and these before Aaron -

MacBean (b. ca 1405 , Paul, Gillis,William, Paul

At 11:12pm on February 6, 2012, Brian Robert Bean said…

Hi Jan - I think I have all the principal people.  here are the two lines of beans I come from -

Line 1 -  Aaron, Donald, John, Daniel, Daniel, Jonathan, Jonathan, John E., Charlotte - She marries a man named Dustin, Has a daughter named Abbie who's middle name is Bean for her grandfathers family.  Abbie meets a distant cousin and they marry.  They are my Gr., Gr., grandparents.  This line will be picked up from here in "Line 2.

Line 2 - Aaron, Donald, John, James, Edward, John Edward, John, David, the elder, David, the Younger ..... and here is where we meet Abbie and they marry and among others have my Gr. grandfather which is where the line stops in online records so I'm going to have to get busy and bring it current.  Hope this is of some entertainment and or use to anybody interested.

At 6:18pm on September 18, 2011, CHARLES HAROLD HOWE said…

Hello Jan, The surname "How" has become "Howe" over time. My name is Charles Howe but in tracing my line it goes back to John How of Sudbury, Ma. b. nov. 20, 1620 d. ( exact date unknown )1680. most if not all "How's" have added the silent "e" to their surnames. I hope this is some help.

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