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At 9:10am on December 13, 2014, Randy Cole said…

Thanks Barbara.  I'll check it out.

Merry Christmas


At 2:23pm on September 7, 2014, Randy Cole said…

Thanks for sending me this information Barbara.

I have looked at the Genealogical Dictionary of Maine & New Hampshire and it contains much useful info.

Regards, Randy

At 11:12am on March 4, 2014, Jean Marie Bagley said…

Hi Mary Lee Allen

Wow was your granny Catherine Estelle adopted by Avon Curtis?  Waldo, Maine sure was a popular place.  I found many Bagley's there too. 


At 12:43pm on February 14, 2014, Mary Lee Allen said…

My Grandmother Foster family lived in Aroostock County Maine.  My Great grandmother was called "Addie Mae"  name is Adalaide Melissia Stathem.  Addie Mae married James Cutbush FOSTER. Cutbush Father was Nathaniel Foster from New Brunswick Canada but raised his children in Montecello, Maine.

Addie Mae and Cutbush had following kids:  Orrin, Frank, Olive and Catherine Estelle (my grandmother).  Addie left Cutbush and all the children except my grandmother, Catherine.  Addie ran off with a man name Avon J Curtis and they raised granny as a Curtis in Waldo, Maine. 


At 5:00pm on November 30, 2013, Sue Krestar said…

Hi Barbara

I just saw your comment. Sorry about the time lapse. I di go in spurts and this is one of my look up info times. My Abbott family came from Nova Scotia to Maine. My Frosts also started out in Nova Scotia.

Sue Krestar

At 8:28pm on May 5, 2013, Betsy Fosburgh said…

Hi, Barbara,  I'm hoping this gets to you!  I must have missed a chapter on responding to queries!   This is re the Witch business;  "Qualifying Ancestors for Witch Society Members" has a site: witch-society-members


They have a list of witches, and Susanna (North) Martin is listed.  Take a look, and you may find more leads.  I have a couple in my tree, and I think there are a few more hanging off the limbs!     Let us know if this helps!  

Betsy Fosburgh 



At 6:00pm on May 3, 2013, Kathy Perkins-Manning said…

I again Barbara.  Thank for for the offer to search, however I don't believe any of my Mercier/Marshall family was in Penobscot County.  They immigrated to Waterville from Canada.  That info I have from a book.
Thank you again!

At 9:13pm on May 2, 2013, Steve Sanborn said…

Hi Barbara,

Thanks for getting in touch.  Maybe you can help me with the Shoreys I am researching.

Carrie F. Shorey was born about 1860 in Palermo, Maine, and died on 5 April 1912 in Palermo.  She was the daughter of Appleton Shorey and Clarissa Varney.  Carrie married George W. Norton, who was born in 1849 in Searsmont, and died in 1933 in China, Maine. 

Appleton Shorey, as I have heard, was in the Civil War.  He was captured, and died in prison in Salisbury, NC.

I would love to get some more information on Carrie and her parents, and hopefully continue with Appleton's ancestry. 

As for the Nortons, Carrie Shorey's husband, George W Norton, was the son of Hiram Norton and Anne Wellman.  I do not have any more info on them.

I would appreciate any info or suggestions that you may have.


At 7:32pm on May 2, 2013, Kathy Perkins-Manning said…

Hi Barbara,
Thank you for the notes.  I don't have a David Mercier, but some were changed and some were not.  As I'm finding out on both sides of the family, names were changed (or not) to disassociate from family members, but I'm finding them.
Would you happen to know if there are Waterville area newspapers available on-line?  I'm not finding any of the Waterville papers available and was hoping to not have to go to Augusta when I vacation up there...
Thanks again for welcoming me!

At 11:31am on May 2, 2013, Jean Marie Bagley said…

Hi Barbara 

  The map of Machias, ME from 1700's has Fosters on there I believe.  Or maybe it is from 1850 probably the 1850 date.  Where did your family's name come from?  England or Scotland or Ireland 


At 10:40am on March 15, 2013, Jean Marie Bagley said…

I left a comment and it disappeared?   This photo is William Berry whose father is Thomas Berry and Grandfather is Westbrook G. Berry Jr whose ancestors founded Machias, ME.

   I shall put my own photo in later

At 10:37am on March 15, 2013, Jean Marie Bagley said…

I loaded the wrong photo as you can see.  That is the photo of William Berry brother to my GGGrandmother Lucy Berry Bagley's nephew William Berry whose father was Thomas Berry - born in Machias, ME  Thomas and Lucy Berry's parents were Gilbert Berry Jr and Mary Rose Homan Berry.

At 10:08am on March 6, 2013, Barbara Stewart Kickham Johnston said…

Hi Barbara, Sorry I am so long in responding to your message.  I will see if I can find anything that might relate to your father in law.  It's difficult to find things when he refuses to tell anything.  Someone might mention to him that his parents may have been in dire circumstances & thought they were doing a good thing by letting a family adopt him.  I'll let you know what I find.

At 12:57pm on February 21, 2013, Barbara Stewart Kickham Johnston said…

Hi Barbara, thanks for contacting me.  I tried to put a message on the "Blog" but it didn't go and I don't know what I did wrong.  Story of my life Ha Ha.  I come from a long line of Foster's, my mother was a Foster and way back in the family tree, the folks lived in upstate NY.  I wonder if you are related.

At 6:27pm on February 18, 2013, Adrian Balch said…

Thank you for the welcome.

At 8:47pm on February 13, 2013, Steven Jimmo said…

Thank you. I have a question - if I find an error on a name, which is also mis-spelled on the census, how can I get it corrected?

At 1:36am on February 9, 2013, Chris Dunham said…

I have no family connections to Westfield.

Frank W. Shorey of Westfield was born Warren F. Shorey, the son of Augustus and Abby J. (Macomber) Shorey, 21 Sept. 1854 in New Bedford, Massachusetts:

He married 21 Oct. 1882 Elizabeth Fox. They were divorced 21 Oct. 1899:

They had three children: Rose Etta (b. Dec. 1883), Melvin (b. 8 Sept. 1889), and Erman (b. 18 Nov. 1894). Rose married Charles E. Porter in 1907:

Here is Warren (Frank) with two children in the 1900 census:

He was living in 1910. I'm not sure what became of his ex-wife.

At 7:27pm on February 7, 2013, Marjorie Appleby King said…

That is Deer Island, Canada. Before the war, this Appleby line was living in New Jersey. Everyone seems to have hit a brick wall with James (b. 1725). It is assumed he came from England but hasn't been proven. He married Martje (Martha) van Blarcom of NJ, who had Dutch ancestors. It is fascinating as you find each where each new piece of the puzzle fits, isn't it? I will let you know if I find any clues to your family lines. 

At 3:30pm on February 7, 2013, Marjorie Appleby King said…

Hi Barbara. I have the Appleby line traced back to James, born in 1725. His son John (1762-1826) married Sarah Warren (1759-1828) and raised their family on Deer Island. My grandfather Gerald Lloyd Appleby (1901-1966) was the first of my direct line to leave the island and settle in the United States. Some relatives and I went to the island this summer and photographed many of the old headstones in Chocolate Cove cemetery. There were several Loyalist families in the area, so you would see the Appleby name come up as they married into those families.

At 12:55pm on January 30, 2013, Mertie Adelia Sawyer Porter said…

I really haven't had time to do more research yet,

Thank You

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